Resilience and Renewal: 4 Ways to Navigating the Road to Higher Spa Sales in 2024

Jan 12, 2024



As January unfolds, we collectively embrace it as a fresh start, a canvas upon which we can paint new aspirations. For spa owners like you, this moment calls for a pause, a reflective glance back at the landscape of 2023 before setting sail into the uncharted waters of 2024. Looking back isn't just a stroll down memory lane; it's a deliberate examination of what worked and what didn't. As a long-ago student of Neil Ducoff's concept of "No Compromise Leadership", I’ve kept my business emphasis on the importance of integrity, and that begins with a candid review of the past year.

Debriefing our business year is an exercise in honesty and self-awareness. It's about acknowledging the struggles, being honest about what's not working, and learning from those experiences. It's not merely about reminiscing; it's about understanding the lessons and gaining insights that will empower us to make better decisions in the future. The courage to confront the reality of our business is the first step towards transformation, which allows us to move forward into a new creation cycle. 

Additionally, in the spirit of Numerology, with the current 9-month energy in January, we'll explore how to work with these energies rather than feeling at their whim. 


4 Ways to Reboot Your Spa's Sales in 2024

Now that you’re aware of the “why” an honest 2023 debrief is so important, I want to make sure you’re able to take action on your new found “no compromise leadership” mindset with four common spa sales problems and their solutions to navigate the path to higher spa sales in the coming year. For quick access to these topics, refer to the timestamps below.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Embrace business integrity for long-term success.
  • Implement retail sales strategies to boost revenue.
  • Master cash flow management for consistent paychecks.
  • Set achievable sales goals for sustainable growth.
  • Navigate the energy of the new year for business success.


Podcast Timestamps: 

00:00:00 -  Are you too late to start your 2024 spa business planning?

00:01:37 - Why a thorough review of 2023’s good, bad, ugly & wonderful is your path to 2024 success & what happens when you don’t

00:06:04 - What does “integrity” look like in your business planning? 

00:12:03 - 4 spa sales problems & the strategies to fix them to bring in more money in the upcoming year.

00:13:30 - Problem #1: Missed service goal

00:16:39 - Problem #2: Missed retail goal 

00:20:02 - Problem #3: Low or no owner paycheck

00:25:11 - Problem #4: Fully booked and still missed the service goal

00:27:38 - Numerology forecast for January 2024 

00:29:29 - The high vibrations of January and how to work with them as an entrepreneur

00:34:05 - The low vibrations of January and how to minimize their impact00:36:58 - A sneak peak into the February 1 energy & why you want to clean up your 9 energy from January


The Beauty of Assessments & Spa Business Planning


My personal journey as a spa owner taught me that success in this industry is contingent on reviewing the past year, discerning what needs adjustment, refinement, or even abandonment. 

By creating a strategic plan and taking purposeful action based on these reflections, we're not just working harder – we're working smarter. 

Join me in this exploration of self-discovery and business evolution as we uncover the insights that will pave the way for higher spa sales in 2024. Together, let's turn the page with intentionality and embrace a year of growth and prosperity in your spa business!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed this January with how to assess your 2023 outcomes and turn them into cash-producing successes, book an Assessment & 2024 Business Plan with me. 

It will be such a relief to have a crystal-clear path to more cash flow and bookings for 2024!



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