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Sometimes, despite doing “all the things” we get stuck in our business and leadership growth.

The Hidden Forces Shaping Your Business

Are you wondering what could possibly be missing from the equation of your business success? Because, despite implementing all the tactical advice about marketing, hiring and selling, you and/or your team aren’t hitting the sales numbers or team culture you had in mind.

So what’s the issue? And how do you fix it?

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I feel the biggest problem entrepreneurs face isn’t the next best marketing tactic or new hire to be found.

The most frustrating part about business growth is Entrepreneurs getting in their own way by...

Unknowingly sabotaging situations by making excuses

Negative self talk


Abdicating responsibility



Constantly seeking approval


Setting goals that are too high or too low

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Unlock Your Leadership Code!

We’re not always aware of our negative thought patterns, but they sure can wreak havoc on our lives & careers!! But also understandable  - it’s simply a survival technique that perpetuates lack & frustration. 


Release limiting, self-sabotaging patterns.
Life Path & It's Influences

Learn about your unique Life Path Number (also known as your Numerology Code) to  understand your soul gifts & challenges, what makes you tick & why you approach life and  business the way you do! 


Connect The Dots

Awareness of your Leadership Code connects you with the soul-sourced wisdom you didn’t know you had - finally connecting the (seemingly elusive!) dots of your personal life and spa business.

See The Path Forward

Move forward with more clarity, confidence and ease in your spa leadership & business because your Life Path gifts, challenges and potentials are clearly seen for healthy growth.

Numerology Leadership Blueprint


60-minutes | $175 USD

Discover your Leadership Code and the influences you face as you master your life & business lessons.

Leverage your spa leadership, sales and impact by learning about your:

  • Leadership Gifts and how to expand on them
  • Leadership Struggles and how to minimize them
  • The energetic influences on your Leadership Code, how they’ve been affecting your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the past AND how to work with them for life & business freedom in the future 
  • Four main life Seasons and how they impact your thoughts, feelings & behaviors in your business
  • Compassionate action steps to start experiencing your leadership gifts more often
  • Includes a Leadership Blueprint Report & recording for you to refer back on

Numerology is where leadership opportunities & soul path meet. 

Numerology for Business Growth


If you don't know where to start in regards to exploring your soul & business synergy, I recommend the Numerology Leadership Blueprint. However, feel free to choose a reading topic that feels most aligned for you right now. The energetic information is available to confirm your suspicions or shed light on a confusing issue. Follow your intuition!

All Numerology readings are recorded and include a written report to support your leadership growth.

Leadership Awareness

$222 USD  | 60 min 

Discover your Leadership Code and the influences you face as you master your life & business lessons. A game-changer for mastering your entrepreneurial mindset! 

Business Planning 

$333 USD | 60 min

Wondering which energetic opportunities & challenges are coming up for you & your business in the next year? Learn the about the timing, connections & transformations available for you. 

Team Culture

$444 USD | 75 mins

Positive team culture & retention is critical to your business outcomes. This service can be used for 5 people for recruiting or team cohesiveness. Reveal & regroup your teams energetic gifts & challenges.

Situational Awareness

$88 USD | 30 min

For when you need a behind-the-scenes perspective of a situation STAT! This is a 5-card pull that includes The Situation, Higher-Self's Message, Action Step, Result & The Block (the hold up in resolving this situation!) Recorded but no written report.

Ideal Clients

$222 USD | 60 min

Are your marketing efforts not attracting your Ideal Client? Go deeper than  psychographics to discover exactly what energetically lights your Ideal Client up when it comes to your treatment & retail offers so they consistently give a big "YES"!

Important Relationships

$222 USD | 60 min

For those personal or work relationships that may be curious or confusing, or even down-right challenging! Learn about the gifts you are providing each other & the situation plus strategies to minimize any struggles.  

Team Numerology Assessments

90 minutes | $275 USD 

Every team has their challenges. That's why it's essential for leadership to hire and work with individuals that are in alignment with their company vision and culture. 

Yet, even with astute hiring practices, employers and managers often encounter: 

  • Lack of employee engagement or motivation
  • Staff not feeling confident in their role 
  • Lack of trust amongst the team
  • A sense that they're working towards opposing goals 

Whatever the current staffing challenge is - or maybe you're just curious about the energetic dynamics of your team - a Team Numerology Assessment reveals your teams individual Numerology Codes and their accompanying gifts, opportunities and struggles to better hire, retain and deepen your team culture!  

Up to 5 team members. Click the link below to email me your request. I will follow up shortly with the info I need!

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How A Numerology Reading Works

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Why Numerology?  

From my teens until now, spiritual awareness has been a soul-soothing resource & launch pad for my potential.  Universal Consciousness, creating your own reality, and understanding there was a certain “magic” about life that I had to allow and learn from have been lifelong perspectives.

I noticed that when I applied my spiritual tools & beliefs to my life and business I was able to navigate tricky life & business lessons and leverage incredible opportunities with a lot more ease and flow. 

Numbers Are Navigators

In 2020 and 2021, personal trauma fueled a period of unbearable grief and depression. Eventually, I remembered to lean on my Spiritual tools to support my recovery. Numerology guided me back "home" and interestingly, unveiled a new, more expansive self.

The irony is not lost on me that "knowing your numbers" in business is just as illuminating as your Numerology Leadership Code is for supporting your leadership strengths & challenges!  

Now as Certified Numerologist, I'm thrilled to officially merge business and soul work, helping spa owners to understand, implement & reach their highest potential. 

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