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Did you know there's a way to understand the unseen energies affecting your spa business success? 

Stop flying blind & unlock a new sense of freedom for earning in your spa business with Numerology!
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Did you know your Leadership Code activates strong, sustainable sales growth, team efficiency & client retention that is completely aligned for your energy? That means it's easier!

Unlock a new sense of freedom for earning & managing in your spa business!  
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Most spa owners have been able to achieve some level of success on their own. But there comes a time when entrepreneurs in the beauty industry must standardize their leadership & operations in order to achieve the freedom, organizational efficiencies and sales goals they’ve imagined for themselves.


Don't know where to start? 

Check out the different levels of coaching, training and services we offer spa owners!

Spa Business Coaching


When you have the right strategy and know exactly what to do to increase your productivity and keep your repeat bookings high, it makes all difference. Staying stuck doesn't have to be an option!


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The Spa Business Mastery Podcast


Perfect for on-the-go spa owners, the Spa Business Mastery podcast can now be found weekly on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor for your listening pleasure.


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Spa Marketing Strategy


From website rehabs to marketing strategy,  elevate your digital presence to increase your bookings and skincare sales via social media, email and website.


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Business Numerology


Learn about your unique  your Leadership Code to understand your soul gifts & challenges, what makes you tick and how to approach spa business to activate your fullest potential.


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Meet Kirsten


I know exactly what it's like to struggle with spa entrepreneurship.

I have combined 30 years as an esthetician, 25+ years as a spa owner and a natural talent as a mentor & leader to create a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations spa entrepreneurs face in their business and help them overcome their sales and profit challenges.


Building a spa business wasn't always easy for me.


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"Kirsten Foss is a whip-smart, kind and professional coach who will show you the value of systems. Working with her is like reading all of the business development and marketing books of the past decade without having to read them.  She will find the holes in your approach and tell you how to fill them. Kirsten is your key to working smart & helping you figure out the next right thing. She is a strategist and a caring human. We recommend her so highly."


Dr. Ashely White
Fresh You Clinic, Ontario

Start Growing Your Spa Business

Numerology For Business Growth 


I believe entrepreneurship is an invitation to play in the deeper pools of self awareness, purpose & service - seeking transformation that is rooted in spirituality & wholeness, as well as abundance.

Numerology is an ancient tool for modern times that reveals your personal gifts, struggles, opportunities & guidance to manifest and maximize your leadership, business and soul desires.

It's been my experience that your business will be the best life coach you could have asked for! Use Numerology to strengthen the soul-sourced wisdom, discovering answers to your life & business!

The Soul-Sourced Business Lineup: 
  • Numerology Leadership Blueprint
  • Yearly Abundance Forecast
  • Team Numerology Assessments
  • Tarot SITREP
  • Sacred Contracts
  • Soul Clients¬†


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The Virtual Skin Consultation Toolkit

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