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Spa Business Systems & Management
Training for Solo's and Teams

Kirsten Foss Coaching is a spa management and business training company that organizes and amplifies the earning potential of spa businesses by implementing or improving operational and staffing systems, strengthening owner leadership skills and connecting with your spas most meaningful values.

When this collaboration of concepts meet, spa owners immediately feel more confident in their leadership, sales increase and their purpose for spa business is reawakened.

Systems are self-care for spa owners.

Having great systems in place releases you from feeling overwhelmed with all the to-do's in your business and creates repeatable results in terms of client happiness, sales, attracting and retaining talented service providers and maintaining a strong and supportive team culture that are working towards company goals.

  • When your spa business has a clear and strategic operational system in place, especially when you have (or need) a team, all client and business processes are documented so you have a branded "Standard of Care" that you can leverage for growth so you're not wasting time putting out fires.

  • When your spa business has a clear and strategic recruiting and hiring system in place, the spa improves the level of talent it will attract...and retain. Staff turnover is stressful, time consuming and expensive.

  • When your spa business has a clear and strategic staff training and team coaching system in place, the spa has consistent Guest Experience outcomes. This change will dramatically increases your client retention and increase your profitability.

When your spa business has a clear and strategics sales system, your team will know the exact process that creates repeatable "yes's" from clients when recommending advanced treatments, retail sales and pre-booking.

  • When your spa business has a clear and strategic marketing system in place, you will have consistent visibility for attracting new clients to the spa so you're not at the mercy of our industry's seasonal ebb & flows. You want all flow...and an organized and systemized business that can handle that extra business!

I teach you how to design and implement custom systems via coaching and access to my treasure chest of customizable templates, checklists and spreadsheet to finally get your spa organized and systemized to reap the rewards of increased bookings and sales, strong leadership and collaborative team efforts  

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Meet Kirsten

I help spa owners blend their passion for the spa industry with strong leadership and business strategy to grow sales, increase clientele, and manage their team without struggle.

I’ve combined 25 years as an esthetician, 20+ years as a spa owner and my natural talent as a mentor and leader to create spa business systems that design strong & repeatable sales, team and client results.

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Have you been thinking about what you want your spa business to PRODUCE in 2020?

More clients? New staff? New income streams? More time NOT in the treatment room?

I’m sure you have a list going (even if it’s just in your head) but how will those goals get actioned out? Do you have the right strategy to make it happen? Or will it be another year of hoping & “wing and a prayer” methodology?

Here’s what strategic spa business planning should look like!