A Spa Owners Guide to Thriving Sales & Leadership in January

A Spa Owners Guide to Thriving Sales & Leadership in January

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Get ready to conquer the dreaded January slow-down with my tried & true strategies for spa owners looking for a January sales boost and to lead with confidence, rather than getting sucked into the usual dread for our seasonal post-holiday slump. 

In my experience as a previous brick & mortar spa owner and now as a spa business coach, I’ve noticed most spa owners are so focused on getting through December they aren’t prepared for a drastic change in bookings and sales…even though it happens every year. Why aren’t they prepared when this high/low sales teeter-totter happens every year? 

Take Back Spa Business Control in the New Year

Honestly? I feel like many of you are so overwhelmed this time of year and maybe need a nudge to try January 2024 a little differently this year! 

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Get started with your 2024 spa business planning 
  • Set your mental heath & spa business up for success in the upcoming year.
  • Leverage slow times to recharge and lead your spa with confidence.
  • Schedule training for you or your spa teams to enhance performance and client results.
  • Feature new services (not specials!) to attract more spa clients and increase bookings.

“Get your mindset right, and go into January with a plan to thrive. Solutions-based thinking is key to success.” - Kirsten Foss

Podcast Timestamps: 

00:46: The crazy “normal” of December in the spa industry and how to streamline your new year business plans. 

03:27: Give yourself a break, January isn’t too late to start planning your 2024 spa business goals! 

05:48: My recommendations for recharging with essential breaks between Dec 25 - Jan 1.

7:46: Professional development & team training ideas for January & why it’s the perfect time.

11:15: Maximize January sales by offering a service “feature” rather than a discounted special.

14:14: Need cash flow fast? How to leverage your VIP list to access potential bookings. 

Approach Spa Holiday Seasonality Differently

We can all agree that owning a spa is very demanding, and the chaotic month of December has the potential to lead to burnout. And yet, very quickly January arrives with its own sales & leadership frustrations! Use this podcast as your mid-December leadership pick-me-up and next steps to ensure time, money & energy freedom in 2024. 

Managing Your Scarcity Mindset As A Spa Owner

And while I’m not one to get sucked into the scarcity mindset when the media is screaming recession, I still want us all to be smart, savvy & strategic when it comes to dealing with consumer spending this year.

If you would like the opportunity to talk to me about how to make your spa business more profitable and easier to manage, schedule a Get Acquainted Call to discuss your 2024 business goals and how you can get there more easily than you are now!

Happy holidays to you & yours!



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