Is Your Spa Ready for 10X Growth?

Is Your Spa Ready for 10X Growth?

leadership systems Dec 14, 2016

Almost every spa owner I meet thinks more clients....lots more...will solve all their problems.

Their cash flow problems. Their staffing problems. Their marketing problems. Their location problems. [Add your particular problem here].

But if I could wave my magic wand and increase your clientele by 10X (to solve all your above issues)...would you really be able to handle the boom in traffic?

If you're like almost every other spa owner, the answer is a resounding NO. You'd be dropping the ball all over the place. 

The reality is, if you had a major influx of business, you probably aren't set up to handle 10x the phone calls, 10x the email, 10x the bookings, 10x the retail sold, 10 times the referrals coming in plus the preparation and training the staff you'd need to hire and train in order to handle it all.

The result of not being prepared? You'd lose all the opportunities that 10x growth could bring you. 

You see, as your business grows it gets more complicated and scaling your spa isn't as simple as adding more clients, services, marketing tactics or staff.

The answer is simple. But it's often disregarded because our industry isn't used to operating business this way...despite being a core concept of proven business growth

For your convenience, this video is subtitled to watch with volume off, if needed!

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