February 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

Feb 01, 2024


Happy New Year!

Oh…wait…it’s February.

No…I’ve got it right…Numerologically speaking, of course.


The Real Start of 2024: Leverage February's Energy for Visioning & New Beginnings

We’ve just entered into February, a 1 energy month that will feel very much like the January 1st energy we were expecting. It also means you’re at the start of a new manifestation cycle in your spa career right now. We get these fresh starts at least once during the year, sometimes even twice - that feels pretty darn inspiring and hopeful!

And after the heavy 9 energy of January that asked us to let go of anything in our business that isn’t serving us, I know you’re ready to feel a positive shift that feels more energizing and forward-moving.


Harness the Power of February’s 1 Energy Transformation

The 1 energy of February is all about fresh starts, independence, and innovation, which is helping you, dear Spa Owner, to revitalize your spa business sales and operations. Harnessing this energy can spark self-confidence, catalyze new ideas and encourage a sense of rebirth within your spa entrepreneurship. February is FULL of bright, innovative and take-action vibes for instigating a fresh and successful business year.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Uncover the hidden opportunities and challenges in February's numerology forecast, and how they can impact your spa business.
  • Learn the high of the 1 energy to simplify your spa business tasks and operations to streamline efficiency and maximize productivity.
  • Understand the low vibrations of the 1 energy so you can easily identify where your energy is most active in February - and adjust if needed.
  • Overcome the mindset obstacles holding you back in entrepreneurship and unlock your full potential for spa sales & team success.

Podcast Timestamps:

00:01:27 - Why I love using Numerology with spa business strategy.
00:02:28 - A quick recap of 8 - the universal energy of 2024 and how it will affect you, clients & staff, plus how January impacted you & your spa business.
00:05:45 - Explaining the high vibrations of February and how to capture that magic to propel your life and business forward.
00:09:38 - Why & how spa owners should capture the daydreaminess of February to kickstart this manifestation cycle.
00:15:53 - Discussing the low vibrations of February and how to minimize its impact and frustration.
00:22:10 - The truth about spa business roadblocks and why they keep showing up after you think you’ve “done all the work” to fix it.

Use the Power of 1 Energy This February for Clarity and Simplicity

I’ve always thought of my business as the best life coach I could have because it always shows me where my mindset and business acumen needs work. It asks us to be intentional about our thinking as well as how you take action. I describe Numerology as having the freedom to take a peek behind the curtain of our subconscious mind and energetic opportunities in our business…and take action on them. My clients and I no longer feel like we're flying blind.

If you’ve got too many spa biz ideas pop’n and you don’t know which one is the right step to put your time, energy or money into OR…

You feel stuck because innovative business ideas have been frustratingly elusive for you lately…

I invite you to take advantage of my Assessment & 2024 Spa Business Plan service to embrace this beautiful 1 energy of rebirth to create a strategic plan for increased bookings and sales in the upcoming year. 

If you're not sure the Assessment & 2024 Spa Business Plan is the right option for your business concerns, please reach out to me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to share my thoughts about the best direction for your growth. 


“By using the energy rather than just floating along in the month to see what comes up, sometimes you hit a pothole and sometimes you hit a wonderful surprise. You never really know what’s coming. But with Numerology, I find it allows us to see the potholes much easier and to see the prizes that are available for us so we can grab for those opportunities.”  Kirsten Foss


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