2024 Numerology Business Forecast

Jan 04, 2024


Every January, spa owners around the world find themselves wondering about the future of their personal lives & business…and unsure of how to navigate the twists and turns of the upcoming year with a clear sense of purpose. You’ve heard me talk about systems, systems, systems, but there’s also more to it when it comes to mindset & taking action. And while there is wisdom in “going with the flow” as opportunities and challenges arise, deep down, that uncertainty and lack of control can be a bit overwhelming. 


Well, now is the perfect moment to discover the hidden messages within the numbers and get a glimpse into the universal energy that's influencing 2024. By doing so, you can tap into your personal power, take charge of your life and business, and bid farewell to that uncertainty. Let's embark on a journey together this year, unlocking new perspectives and embracing the potential for boundless abundance and prosperity. 2024 IS being called the Year of Infinite Abundance. Claim your rightful place in this 8 energy year!


00:00:00 - Introduction to Numerology & why we use it to forecast 

00:02:31 - Universal Year Forecast for 2024 

00:04:42 - Depth and devotion in 2024 & how to work with this energy

00:07:13 - Understanding power and autonomy & how it shows up in your work

00:09:46 - Embracing momentum and commitment 

00:16:40 - Embracing Infinite Abundance 

00:18:53 - Year of Infinite Abundance 

00:20:20 - Embracing momentum in abundance 

00:21:45 - Reflecting on the previous 7 energy year

“This is not a year for skimming the surface and coasting. This is a really big year to ensure that you are diving deep on your subject matter expertise. This is the year to go in deep on your subject matter expertise so that you can clearly communicate why these treatments and products are specifically for their skin or whatever your niche you're in. - Kirsten Foss”

If you’d like your own 2024 personal & business Numerology forecast to reveal your upcoming opportunities & challenges, book your Yearly Abundance Forecast here.

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