3 Reasons Why Your Spa Sales Are In A Slump & How to Revive Them

3 Reasons Why Your Spa Sales Are In A Slump & How to Revive Them

#numerology #spa money #spa profit Oct 20, 2023

If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of sales in your spa, despite all your efforts to revive them, then you are not alone! You might even be offering enticing promotions and discounts and still not seeing the increase in treatment bookings and retail sales. Add the stress of struggling to cover spa expenses, you may be causing you to question the viability of your spa.


Why Are Your Spa Sales Not Growing?

In this podcast, I’m sharing 3 of the most common reasons why your spa sales have flatlined and what your options are to get your cash flow rolling. If you have an existing clientele, this is the easiest way to resuscitate sales and keep it growing!


  • The 3 reasons why sales are consistently low & what’s really needed for consistent financial growth. It’s not because you don’t post enough on social media! 
  • My grind (and most of yours too) with traditional sales in the spa industry 
  • How to work with Numerology in your business this month to activate accountability, abundance & momentum
  • Options to easily implement customizable plug and play sales systems that will revolutionize your spa's sales strategy & outcomes


Spa Business + A Bit of Soul-Sourced Wisdom

This isn’t a podcast only about sales tactics though. I’m adding a dash of Numerology to the mix. October 2023 is an 8 energy month. Meaning, the “atmosphere of possibilities” is rich when tapping into the characteristics of responsibility, subject matter expertise, abundance, action, momentum & management. By choosing the work in the high vibration of the 8 this month, you’ll notice more ease and impact with the work you’re doing!   

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