Single Coaching Sessions 

New? 1st Spa Business Coaching Session

60 min | $250 USD (reg $495)

New to Kirsten Foss Coaching? Not sure if you need a full VIP Day but would like to talk to a spa business and marketing mentor about key ideas that need a fresh perspective? 

First time clients can use this is a ONE-TIME opportunity to book a 1:1 coaching call with us for half price!

Kick-start your spa business or marketing strategy with clear action steps. 

Topics you can bring to this coaching call: 

  • Marketing assessment & advice on what to polish up in your spa marketing system to attract more Ideal Clients. 
  • How to approach recruiting & hiring for strong team growth
  • How to lead your team confidently and without power struggles
  • How to niche or reposition your spa services
  • How to successfully implement a new spa revenue stream; launching a new treatment, a new retail line or eCommerce site
  • Develop a new compensation structure that serves spa growth & an owner pay check
  • Or any other topic you'd like to discuss with an experienced business coach!

This 60 min coaching call is recorded for you to refer back to at any time.

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Here's How It Works...

  1. Fill out the New Client Coaching Call Intake form below
  2. Click on the INVOICE Tab below and settle
  3. Once payment is complete, you'll receive your coaching call booking link via email
  4. You will be emailed a Coaching Call Prep Worksheet after your appointment is scheduled to give more details about what you'd like to discuss at our call
  5. Meet us on Zoom at your appointed time to start making positive change to your spa biz! See you then! 

Single Coaching Success Packs


Want the flexibility of booking a 60 min coaching call exactly when you need it & the topic you want to discuss? 

These single session coaching calls are ideal for spa owners who don't necessarily need the systems and assets of a VIP Day but wish to have an experienced mentor to bounce ideas off of, clarify growth initiatives and provide clear action steps. 

Upon payment, you'll receive access to your Coaching Call booking link to use at any time. 


3 Pack - $1200 USD ($400 each)
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