Fast-Track Spa Business Growth With Private 8-Week Training Programs!


What do successful spa owners have that you don’t?



How are they charging forward so easily?

  • It’s not because they have a degree in business.
  • It’s not because they have oodles of cash to spend on new services, tech or hiring team members.
  • It’s not because they must be “better” estheticians or have a more skilled team.
  • It’s not because they’re “smarter” than you as an entrepreneur.   

Successful spa owners have more bookings from their ideal clients, strong retail sales, a positive team culture and confidence in their leadership because they figured out there was a much more efficient way to run their spa business.

They built smart spa business systems to make their sales, team culture and leadership goals so much easier to reach.



Do you really want to be working like this next year?


Most spa owners have been able to achieve some level of success on their own. But there comes a time when entrepreneurs in the beauty industry must standardize their leadership & operations in order to achieve the organizational efficiencies and sales goals they’ve imagined for themselves.

And while you, dear spa owner, often see amazing success stories happening to others, you’re often completely perplexed as to what’s missing in your own business to reach those same levels of earning potential.

Fast-track spa business growth in 8 weeks.


Our 1:1 Spa Business Training Programs will “catch you up” on the industry's best practices for success, particularly when you don’t have time to take an online course or a commit to a long-term coaching program. They're a fast, efficient and smooth way to achieve your bookings, sales and leadership goals. All of the digital resources you'll need to grow (formulas, forms, spreadsheets, protocols, management calendars, checklists, etc) are part of your spa business training program package.  

Also included in your private 8-week coaching service is a BONUS Numerology Leadership Blueprint (a $125 value). Learn about your life purpose, your business leadership style and how to maximize your natural talents as a spa owner.  And minimize the energetic obstacles (or even neutralize!) that keep disrupting your sales, team and spa business peace and freedom. 

Completely transform your spa sales, marketing, leadership & team 8 weeks!

Private Spa Business Training Programs


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How are my spa business programs different?


My private 8-week spa business training programs are for spa owners who value speed and efficiency when it comes to leveraging their spa business freedom and want a shortcut to growth. It’s also for owners who don’t have time for a long-term coaching program or the learning curve of a DIY eCourse.

And, as a certified Numerologist, I have a unique skill set to blend Numerology  into my coaching programs. When an entrepreneur knows how to maximize their Leadership Code (by understanding the energetic influences on their thinking & behavior) they can easily activate more abundance, ease and freedom in their business. I help them to see where those opportunies & blindspots are! Side note: DYK celebrities like Rhianna, Kate Hudson & Beyonce use Numerology to guide their personal and career success? 

My spa business programs include all the relevant business & leadership materials you'll need for growth: manuals, worksheets, protocols, checklists, spreadsheets, leadership scripts, customer service scripts that develops into a do-able, turn-key system in 8-weeks. 

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