Spa Business & Marketing VIP Days

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VIP Day: Niche Into Skin Therapy

$2500 USD

If you’ve already had some success in your spa career as a “generalist”, you may be wondering how to take the next steps to increase your business impact and earning potential. Niching into skin therapy is a fantastic business strategy but requires methodical steps to make the shift without compromising your current sales.

This VIP Day intensive is designed to help you niche expertly into skin coaching by showing you exactly how to:

  • Clarify which services to remove, keep or revamp
  • How to add online skin coaching services as a revenue stream
  • How to open up space in your schedule for new skin care bookings 
  • How to communicate your new market position to existing clients & new consumers
  • How to increase your pricing without upsetting clients
  • How to massively increase your retail sales
  • Which metrics you need to know & track for your skin care sales
  • How to approach the marketing strategy for your new niche trajectory
  • Spa sales and marketing templates, examples & spreadsheets to support this exciting growth initiative! 

If you're ready to choose skin therapy as your niche, we're ready to help you get it up in running - safely - in record time!

VIP Day: Spa Marketing Systems Kickstart in a Day 

$2500 USD

Need more consistent bookings of your Ideal Client? If your current spa marketing doesn’t have a smooth, sustainable system that amplifies your service bookings & retail sales, you’re in need of a customized marketing system - STAT.

You simply can't rely on one or two marketing platforms to get your message out. And they all need to work together synergistically to get those Ideal Client bookings!

But, organizing your social media, email, website, paid ads and in-spa marketing into a cohesive yearly planning document can be completely overwhelming. 

This VIP Day intensive is designed to strategize and develop your custom spa marketing system in a day; leaving with a finished 12-month marketing strategy, a Q1 implementation plan and support to cultivate the rest of the year’s marketing to-do’s, including recommendations & protocols for your team to help.

Your VIP Day is also loaded with:

  • Sales & marketing checklists so you don't miss any implementation details
  • A "Spa Topics" spreadsheet to help develop high-level educational content for blogs, social media and email
  • Email marketing templates so you know exactly how to create them in your own platform
  • In-spa conversation starters so your team feels comfortable discussing product & service features marketing 
  • Marketing tech recommendations to make implementation much more efficient and consistent 
  • Creative examples of spa marketing strategy to kickstart your new and improved social media, email, blog and in-spa marketing system

In short, after this VIP Day, you will be crystal clear about what a spa marketing system should include, how to develop responsive monthly features (not necessarily discounts!) and how to implement your 12-month plan successfully...without you being the bottle neck! 

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What To Expect During Your VIP Day Experience

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