Overcome the Spa Reels Overwhelm: Elevate Your Instagram Game with These 5 Simple Tips

Overcome the Spa Reels Overwhelm: Elevate Your Instagram Game with These 5 Simple Tips

#marketingwithdelia social spa marketing Mar 31, 2023

Let’s talk Instagram Reels (and/or TikToks) as a regular player in your social media strategy, dear Spa Owner. 

One of the things that we constantly hear from our clients and the spa industry as a whole is that they haven’t started creating Reels because it feels super complicated and they're already so overwhelmed with everything else in their business - so they don’t do it at all. 

This is a “reel” shame (lol) because Instagram has been favoring Reels in the algorithm since they launched this video feature in 2020. We’ve seen firsthand how much reach and engagement Reels get with our med spa clients and our own coaching & marketing business. 

Plus…they’re actually kinda fun to make! And when was the last time you had fun with spa marketing, right?  

Kirsten Foss Coaching’s Marketing Director, Delia Taylor, says "Creating Reels isn't as hard as you think it is - give yourself some grace, and give yourself some time and headspace to start creating Reels because it really is worth it!"

In this episode, we’re answering 5 common questions we hear from clients when we tell spa owners we encourage them to get on the Reel bandwagon with their social media content:


Time Stamps: 

  • 5:42: I don’t even know how to come up with ideas for spa-centric Reels. Where do I start with that?
  • 10:42: I’m pretty new to video creation. Any suggestions to take better videos? 
  • 18:11: How much video do I have to take?? And do I have to dance???
  • 21:07: Do I just use Instagram to design my Reel or should I use a different video app? 
  • 24:21: Can I download my Instagram Reel and upload it to TikTok (and vice versa) to maximize our spa exposure? 


Ok, dear Spa owner, this particular Spa Business Mastery podcast was intended just to be a kickstart to making Reels if you haven’t been already. Take advantage of Instagram ranking you higher in their algorithms! You’ll still need to have a strong strategy behind the Reel but we hope these tips bust a few beliefs you have that creating Reels for your social media is too hard to be accomplished. 

Do you have someone doing your social media management for you…but it’s missing the mark for strategy, brand cohesiveness, captions, and conversions? We’re happy to work with your marketing team to give them spa-specific strategy, tactics, and feedback.


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