How to Make Your Spa's Social Media Go Viral

How to Make Your Spa’s Social Media Go Viral

Jun 02, 2022


Are you looking for info on how to make your spa’s social media go viral reliably, cost-effectively, and consistently?

Newsflash: you can’t. 

And no, we’re not trying to be Debbie Downers– we’re just looking to manage spa owners’ expectations of their social media content… and how the value of it is right under their noses!

Let’s take a deep dive into how it’s impossible to make your spa’s social media go viral on purpose (and why it doesn’t matter!)

The Reality of Spa Social Media

Here’s a good coaching client story of mine that helps put this into perspective:

This client of mine was very insistent that we create at least one viral post per month as part of her monthly social media management. And when she requested that, I realized that she didn’t understand how viral posts work– especially since they don’t work by deciding which posts go viral and when!

The reality is, viral social media posts happen completely by chance. It’s the right message, it’s the right creative, and it’s the right copy… all miraculously at the exact right moment in time, with the right amount of luck.

As Jasper AI perfectly puts it, “Today, crafting the perfect viral [post’ has almost become an art form. People spend hours working to connect with their audience and finally go viral.”

The Must-Haves For a (Maybe Viral) Spa Social Media Post

The best practices to achieve a viral spa social media post– or at least one that thoroughly connects with your audience and drives conversions–! are as follows:

  • 100% clarity on who your Ideal Client is, including what drives them to engage with your posts and do business with you
  • A high level of consistent post relevancy in terms of both your Ideal Client and general current events
  • Strong posting consistency 
  • Creative and unique messaging (copy and image/video)

Each of these points directly affect any social media algorithm and ensure that your posts have a greater chance of going viral.

Timing is the “Location, Location, Location” of Social Media Success

Here at Kirsten Foss Coaching we had another client who DIY’d her own Google advertising during the start of the pandemic to bolster her eCommerce sales.

She reviewed her ads shortly after they began to run and saw, to her surprise, that they were performing amazingly! Upon further inspection, she discovered that the skin care line she was advertising had just been featured in a national women's magazine… and that, because of this, her ads were riding on the coattails of that line’s already-high search rates.

The results? Fantastic, and it was all thanks to a bit of luck and a lot of good timing!

Much can be said the same for viral social media posts: timing plays a crucial component, and it can be easy for spa owners to get discouraged when their social media hasn’t “blown up” in the way that they anticipated. However, this initial discouragement can overshadow the genuine results that their hashtag research, consistency, and genuine audience engagement are reeling in.

Get Started With Spa Social Media Success Today (...Even If You Don’t See Your Posts Going Viral!)

Like Chron says, “The fact is that you cannot make something go viral. There is no magic formula; no perfect script or step-by-step guide.”

No one knows what makes a post viral-worthy, and trying to figure it out will get you nowhere. Don't focus on “going viral” on your Instagram; just post things you find interesting, funny or clever, and you may get lucky… and, in the meantime, will see tangible results!

Looking for help both simplifying and maximizing your social media marketing? Reach out today to make it happen. 


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