The Top 3 Sales Systems That Every Spa Needs

The Top 3 Sales Systems That Every Spa Needs

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your sales goals? Perhaps you have a sales system in place but it’s disorganized or you’ve got the right information but it’s in the wrong place. Or maybe you have a system but it’s still all up in your head. When it comes to creating a system for sales it’s easy to get confused about what is actually supposed to be in the system and try to pack everything into one big system.

6 MUST HAVE Spa Systems For Your Spa Business

As a coach for the spa industry, I focus on creating systems for spa owners. Anytime there is a disconnect or a sense of being unorganized within your spa, it is extremely likely that there is a system that needs to be put into place. The question is, which systems do you need for your spa to not only run like a well-oiled machine?

Today I’m going to go through my top 6 systems that you should have for your spa in order for it to run effectively and achieve its maximum growth potential. Watch the video below to learn more about each system.


  1. Marketing System: This includes your social media platforms, email marketing, video marketing, paid advertising, in-spa advertising, in-spa conversations….you get the idea! Not only do you want to achieve maximum visibility for your spa, but you want to make sure that your marketing is clear and consistent across all marketing avenues.

  2. Guest Experience System: From the very first point of contact through your follow up, there should be a strong system in place to make sure that a standard is set for every guest who comes in contact with your spa.

  3. Operational System: Not to be mixed with a Staff Handbook, your procedures and operations should lay out the process, protocols, and how-to’s of your spa. If something were to happen to you, this system would allow your spa to continue running smoothly.

  4. Recruiting and Hiring System: The way you recruit and hire your staff should be a process. You should have standards and guidelines to ensure that you are hiring the best talent possible to represent your spa.

  5. Financial System: If you are in need for consistent cash flow for your spa, you need to set up a cash flow system! This will ensure that you know where money is coming from, where money is going, and your books are staying up to date.

  6. Sales System: If you are hurting in the sales department, or you are finding that sales are just not as consistent as they need to be, you need a sales system. This starts from the very first time a potential client comes into contact with your spa and again, goes through to the follow up process!

Check out the video below to learn more about each system! If you need assistance with setting up your systems, that is what I am here for! Contact me to talk more about how I can help your spa!

The BEST Spa Business Advice I Have Ever Received

Do you ever feel like your spa business is all over the place? You have this vision of how you want your spa to run. You see a team that runs like a well-oiled machine, or a flawless system to maintain your books and cash-flow but in real life you can’t quite make it all run according to plan.

I was in this very place once and all it took was one simple phrase to change the outlook I had on my spa business: No Compromise Leadership. This tough love moment was my big “aha” moment to where I realized that I was compromising my leadership in a big way. It was in that moment that I knew what I needed to do: To put in the hard work to get my spa organized.

Your spa needs strong systems in place to run smoothly, and if your spa lacks these systems needed to succeed, that is all on you. As the leader and owner at your spa you must lay out every system and procedure needed to run your spa. This will mean creating manuals and protocols for every item on your spa menu. This will mean spending time creating handbooks for your staff. This will mean creating a system to track and manage your cash flow. It all needs to be done, and you are the one responsible for making this happen.

Watch the video below to learn more about No Compromise Leadership, what it means, and how to use it to organize your spa.

If you are serious about getting your spa systems up and running, please contact me so we can talk more about how I can help!

Creating Action Steps For Your Spa Systems

Now that you have clear goals for what spa systems you need to implement for 2019, You may be all set to create a new marketing system, hiring system, or management system for your spa. Now is the time to sit down and start writing out all of the action steps for your system.

This is often times where our goals start to derail. I know I’ve mentioned this many times, and it’s true. We are great at creating new ideas for our spas, but not so great at implementing. One problem is that you may not actually know all of the steps that goes into the system that you are trying to create to improve your spa. Another is that you aren’t giving your new spa system creation the time it deserves.

Be sure to block off an ample amount of time to really sit down and dig into the steps needed for your new spa system. I know it’s hard, and it’s going to feel like you should be or need to be doing something else. There will always be other spa task that you feel needs to be done instead of taking that time to create a system for your spa. Trust me, this is important too! Creating a system for whatever it is you need in place now will help you out in the long run and will make you not only feel, but BE more organized with your spa.

If you are just too unsure of the steps needed for a certain system, please reach out for help! Check out the video below to hear more on creating action steps for your spa business!