Why Proving Your Spa Expertise Drives Growth

Why Proving Your Spa Expertise Drives Growth

advice leadership training Feb 24, 2020

This month, I’ve talked at length about the importance of nurturing and grooming your spa expertise both to earn more and expand your current marketing strategies; from dialling in your ideal clients, to cementing thought leadership within your spa business niche, to assisting in client retention, putting effort into building and displaying your spa expertise as a spa business owner is truly an essential for your spa business’s longevity and prosperity.

Why Am I Putting an Emphasis on Communicating Your Spa Expertise Over Other Vital Marketing Components?

In the words of Paul Jarvis’s “Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business”, one of my favourite reads of 2019: “To stand out and build an audience as a company of one, you have to out-teach and out-share the competition, not outscale them.”

Why do I love this quote-- and what it represents-- so much? Well, it exemplifies why positioning yourself as a spa subject matter and using marketing to communicate your message will bolster your spa business long-term. 

We, as spa business owners, are often only used to being subject matter experts in the treatment room, not publicly in the digital sphere. However, that one-on-one time with clients to flex our expertise and build trust with our clients is quickly maxed out, meaning that you’ll have to utilize your expertise as a spa owner in the digital sphere in order to both foster existing trust and build trust with potential clients. Whether you’re a solopreneur or team, focusing on positioning yourself as a subject matter expert within your marketing rather than digging deep into your pockets to add team members, a renovated facility, or extra advertising will save you money while expediting your growth.

The Benefits of Positioning Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in Your Spa Marketing

Utilizing your marketing to prove your spa expertise builds a relationship with your audience in which they view you as an educator and trusted guide. This:

  • Sets you up with the opportunity to be perceived as a subject matter expert both by your clientele, but also by fellow spa owners within your niche

  • Gives your audience the chance to view the benefits of what your spa is selling; this can be done through your social media, email newsletters, blogs, videos, or in-person events

  • Promotes an increase in referrals over time

How Proving Your Spa Expertise Will Get You What You Want: Your Ideal Clients

When you lead your marketing with education, clients-- and potential clients-- will trust your insights and not only be more likely to return to your business, but begin to view you as the go-to resource for advice, treatment, and product recommendations

By providing your audience with genuine, compelling, and educational information, you build trust from the ground up by not pushing your sales. Instead, you effectively create an allure and trustworthiness around your services, which is invaluable long-term-- especially for advanced, higher-priced treatments and products.

So, how do you start educating your audience? My top recommendations are:

  • In the social media sphere, Instagram’s current algorithm, at the time of publication, favours long-form captions; engagement is partially calculated by how long an individual spends on each of your posts, which means that, for growth, it is in your best interest to keep your audience reading. Wow your audience with long-form Instagram captions that dig deep into your spa expertise!

  • “Layering” your marketing by dedicating a certain percentage of posts per month to solely educating your audience and experimenting with different social media forms. My favourites are IGTV, Facebook Lives, and blogging (of course!)

  • Keep it consistent! Even if it’s just one video a month to start, staying consistent and ensuring that your education is coming from a genuine place of wanting to connect with your audience are sure-fire ways to ensure that your spa expertise will drive growth

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