Spa Marketing: How to Repurpose Your Content For Wider Visibility

Spa Marketing: How to Repurpose Your Content For Wider Visibility

email marketing marketing social media Mar 16, 2021

Once a month, my spa business marketing manager, Delia, and I come together to discuss marketing ideas for your spa business?

This month’s take centers around digital services and how to repurpose your content for wider visibility when doing your spa marketing!

Now, most spa businesses rely on one-to-two marketing platforms to share their message. Most commonly, this comes in the form of social media and/or email marketing. The problem with this, however, comes in two core forms:

  • If you need more clients (or more of your ideal clients!) actively booking and buying from your spa, you need more visibility surrounding your expertise and spa outcomes… which one-to-two marketing platforms simply doesn’t provide

  • You barely have enough time for even just those one-two-two marketing platforms, making it so you likely approach them with discouragement, inconsistency, and a lack of planning

But wait! What if we told you that one piece of content can actually be expanded onto five or more marketing platforms with ease… all without adding more of a time burden to you or your team?

Whether you’re seeking ideas for right now or down the road, be sure to bookmark this page ASAP to act as a quick reference for when you need it!

Without Further Ado, Let’s Jump In: Why Have More Than One or Two Marketing Platforms?

As one of my sister company’s, Virtual Spa Business Management, core offerings, we know first-hand how challenging the social media algorithms in 2021 are: as reiterated by Social Insider’s latest formal report, Twitter’s average Reach and Engagement have hit an all-time low for all industries; the average Engagement rate on Instagram is currently 1.16%; brands on Facebook Reach a median of 0.27%; and LinkedIn continues to prove to be a tough nut to crack when posting from a company page.

On the flipside, while newer social media marketing platforms such as TikTok are seeing higher Reach and Engagement on average, their newness marks unsteady fluctuations in effectiveness and little to no advertising options for businesses.

However, none of this is to say that having multiple marketing platforms is a waste. On the contrary, it leads into the theme of today’s blog: we want you to work smarter, not harder. Having more than two marketing platforms is actually the way to circumvent the algorithmic challenges listed above.

Let’s dive into how and why Virtual Spa Management’s digital services clients see such success when they reinvent their approach to spa marketing.

Beat the Marketing Content Overwhelm and Self-Doubt in One Fell Swoop

The most common gripes I hear from my private coaching clients surrounding marketing content are the following:

  • “I don’t have time to create content!”

  • “By the time I get around to making content, I don’t have a plan to go with it; I only post when I need to promote something and I know it’s negatively impacting my business online.”

  • “I feel like I have nothing new or interesting to add to the online space. I feel insecure with what I post and doubt my content constantly.”

  • “The thought of having to create content for even just one platform tires me, let alone making content for multiple platforms.”

  • I’m unsure what the benefits of marketing my spa business online are and feel hesitant to commit the time to growing it.”

Let’s break these down into bite-sized pieces: firstly, the fact is that, while marketing online can be challenging for spa owners, it is necessary for getting more visibility and more sales. Full-stop.

Secondly, spa owners are right when they realize that posting just any content doesn’t cut it when it comes to growing a spa biz. The content that is being created needs to have a strategy behind it, needs to provide value to your ideal client base, and needs to be a blend of conversational, educational, and promotional. 

These content types can include blogs, emails, newsletters, social media posts, Lives, or interviews. So how can you take one of these content types and repurpose it for wider visibility?

How to Leverage Your Spa’s Marketing Content

Step one: don’t reinvent the wheel!

Step two: use the guidelines below to get familiar with repurposing content.

  • Draft an educational social media post. This could be a description of service outcomes, a FAQs compilation, a deep-dive into your spa’s niche, or anything that provides educational value to your readers

  • From there, use that social media’s talking points and topics to expand it into a blog post. Utilize the platform to fully flesh out each section and, if you have the know-how, ensure that it is optimized for search engine’s to bolster your website’s overall online visibility 

  • Once published, announce the blog drop in your next email send-out

  • To coincide with your social media post and blog, take your talking points again and use them as a script for a Facebook Live, IGTV, or YouTube Live 

  • Finally, strip the audio from your live session to turn it into a podcast

And voila! With just one topic and one set of talking points you have repurposed your content onto a minimum of five marketing platforms. Each variation reaches an entirely new audience, refreshes the content itself via being presented in different formats, and ensures that you are maximizing your business’s visibility while minimizing the time having to be put into curating it. 

The best part? This is my process, which is how I know it works! On a weekly basis, you can catch my Facebook Lives over on Kirsten Foss Coaching, can watch the recorded version over on my YouTube page, or can tune into my audio-only podcast to get your spa business advice your way. Monthly, these topics are announced and reflected on on my Instagram page to ensure that all of my followers are kept in-the-know.

As Delia puts perfectly, “Think about it this way: if you have your monthly focus that you are focusing on and you are repurposing that content across all of your marketing platforms, then you’re communicating that consistency everywhere. You’re not now jumping from topic-to-topic; this helps to streamline everything for your consumers.”

Swipe My Repurposing System Today for Wider Visibility!

I created the system outlined above because I, as a business owner myself, was strapped for time and energy. It’s now become a super-easy way for me to share one piece of high-value, high-interest educational content across multiple platforms in order to receive maximum Reach, followers, and the interest of existing clients.

Give it a try today, and contact me to let me know how it works for you! 

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