Expanding Your Spa Business + Managing Growth Expectations

Expanding Your Spa Business + Managing Growth Expectations

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Expanding Your Spa Business + Managing Growth Expectations 

Expanding your Spa Business can be an exciting time in your journey as a spa business owner. Your long-term spa goals are starting to take shape, and you are taking a huge step towards bringing your vision to life. As exciting as the growth of your spa business is, it is also important to have realistic expectations of what this growth will entail in order for it to be a smooth and successful transition. 

Often times we are so focused on the big picture that we overlook many of the details that need to be put in place for our spa businesses to thrive. Many of our growing pains can be avoided by simply putting systems into place from day 1. I am a firm believer that not only are spa systems necessary in your business, but they are also a form of self care for spa owners. 

Here are some of the systems you will need to have in place when expanding your spa business: 

Operational Systems: Operational systems should include detailed procedures for every aspect of running your business. This will include reception protocols, guest experience protocols, etc. This is typically in the form of an operations manual. 

Hiring, Recruiting, and Spa Team Training systems: This will ensure consistency throughout your spa team. A huge amount of frustration and headache can be avoided by having a solid system for the hiring and training of your spa staff. 

Sales System: Do not assume that every member of your team is experienced in spa sales. Put systems in place so your team has clear expectations, training, and guidelines for bringing in sales to your spa. 

Marketing System: Only after all of the previous systems are put in place is it time to create a marketing system. If your spa is unorganized and inconsistent, the clients brought in through your marketing efforts will be unlikely to return. Putting your spa systems in place will give your clients an amazing experience resulting in a successful client retention rate! 

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