Why Your Spa Website Home Page Is Critical for Attracting Your Ideal Client Bookings

Why Your Spa Website Home Page Is Critical for Attracting Your Ideal Client Bookings

#marketingwithdelia Feb 01, 2023


Is your current spa website not performing well and suspect you missed something the last time it was built? What exactly IS it missing that’s affecting your marketing efforts? 

You’ve come to the right place because in this podcast you’ll get the deets on why your spa website home page is SO critical.

You’ll hear our take on spa industry copywriting, Home Page strategies, and website best practices so it actually works FOR your Home Page to bring in new Ideal Clients! 

Spa owners, get ready to take notes! This spa marketing podcast is not one you want to miss. We’ve time-stamped this edition of Spa Business Mastery for quick reference to the info you need.



0:46 - Why your spa website home page is so important

4:45 - What’s the real issue with your website?

6:30 - Website conversion basics you need to know

7:00 - The issue with spa copywriting on your website

11:57 - Spa marketing best practices for your website’s home page

13:33 - Buzz words you should NOT be using on your website

16:48 - What kinds of images to use on your spa website to best represent your business

19:33 - How to map out your spa homepage strategy

21:58 - Website developer vs Website designer & why it makes a difference 

25:22 - What if spa web design/strategy/copy is way above your skill level?


With your newfound knowledge of spa website strategy - particularly your homepage - take this opportunity to revisit your website content. Often, when starting a new spa business, you’re cash-strapped and need to do a lot of the website strategy on your own without knowing what actually works! Just make sure your spa website doesn’t get stuck in this “startup” phase of a business inadvertently.

Either way, if it’s been a while since your last professional website strategy, decided to niche down, switched from solo to spa team, or upgraded your treatment levels, you’re likely needing an update to your website!

Not sure how much work your spa website needs so it’s driving new consumers to bookings consistently? Schedule a complimentary spa website audit with Delia to see where it may be falling short.  

Just hit reply and we’ll have a look at your spa site and give you actionable feedback!

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