Why Your Spa eCommerce Store is Falling Behind Competitors (And How to Catch Up)

Why Your Spa eCommerce Store is Falling Behind Competitors (And How to Catch Up)

#marketingwithdelia ecommerce websites May 10, 2023

As a spa owner, you may have thought that adding an e-commerce shop would make it easier to sell spa retail. But it's not that simple. In this episode, Kirsten Foss & Delia Taylor share the spa industry’s e-commerce best practices and explain why it's important to treat your online shop as its own business. 

If you're feeling frustrated and defeated despite the expense of setting up your online shop, running seasonal promotions, and investing in marketing, then you are not alone!

“E-commerce is its own revenue stream. It's like having another business in your business, and it needs to be looked at and treated like its own business, including its own marketing strategy.” Delia Taylor

In this episode, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the significance of a streamlined spa e-commerce ecosystem
  2. Make it easy for spa consumers to buy by crafting compelling & SEO’d product descriptions
  3. Implement automated emails as a valuable tool for outstanding spa customer service.
  4. Recognize the necessity of an integrated e-commerce spa marketing and client care strategy


The key takeaways from this episode are:

1:08 - Ecommerce best practices for spas, 

11:29 - The impact of low-quality retail images, 

13:48 - How social proof can make or break online shop decisions, 

15:22 - How to focus on spa e-commerce in your social media, 

16:43 - More e-commerce best practices, 

22:03 - How spas can compete with Big Beauty, 

26:22 - What the spa e-commerce ecosystem should look like, 

27:19 - Need a spa e-commerce audit?


Dear Spa Owners, you must understand that simply having an e-commerce site is not enough; it requires careful strategy, optimization, and integration with your physical store to drive revenue and growth. It’s not a “set it and forgets it” passive-income-type-of-thing!

Has your online store been crickets? Pretty much since you built “the beast”? Incorporating these spa best practices improves brand visibility, drives traffic to your website, and creates a seamless and informative shopping experience to ultimately maximize the overall growth potential of your spa e-commerce revenue stream.

Remember to check out the resources mentioned in this episode, including Delia’s offer to give your spa's website an eCommerce Audit! You can email her at [email protected]

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