Transitioning from Spa Solo to Team: Lessons Learned from 3 Key Mistakes

Transitioning from Spa Solo to Team: Lessons Learned from 3 Key Mistakes

entrepreneur leadership solo spas spa team Mar 15, 2023


When a spa owner decides to take the leap from solo entrepreneurship, to growing a team… the transition is not always easy. 

In fact, those who’ve been through this process before, they’ll confirm it can be downright terrifying.

I, too, was that desperate spa owner flailing in the transition from a one-person show, to having other estheticians work alongside me… but with zero guidance and a dwindling bank account. I discovered the hard way just how expensive, chaotic, and a leadership-challenging reality it was to build a team.

It didn’t take long before I was broke, exhausted, and knew something needed to change.

This episode shares three key points that I wish I had known before transitioning from a solo business to building a team and a few tips about how to avoid these same spa entrepreneurial pitfalls.

You’ll hear a refreshingly honest perspective on the reality of the team-building process, how to better prepare, and a healthy dose of “expectation management” in this exciting transition period for your spa business. 

What should spa owners do before they hire a team?  

Podcast Timestamps: 

1:54 - Why building a spa team isn’t as easy as you think

3:09 - Payroll expectations during the first year. Don’t put your head in the sand here!

5:30 - The team systems you need before you start recruiting - non-negotiable!

9:00 - Which soft skills are often overlooked when leading a successful team?

10:35 - My must-have resources for improving your leadership 


While thinking about making the leap to team building can be exciting, growing your business from a solo spa entrepreneur to a full-fledged team, be sure it’s truly the next best step. But if you’re clear about where the hazards are and prepare to mitigate the downfalls, this episode of Spa Business Mastery will help you lay out the groundwork for getting started on this next-level business endeavor!  

So you’re fired up and ready for change! Now what?

Before you press “publish” on the job posting and start reviewing resumes, give your future self and spa leader a break - get your team systems in place. If that feels too overwhelming or something you’d like to do with a spa business coach, check out my VIP Day, "Spa Manager Systems in a Day" to receive a Spa Manager Manual, Staff Handbook, Operations Manual, and customized leadership support for these important next steps.

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