Practical Leadership & Business Growth With Numerology

The Numerology Advantage: Building Opportunities in Business

Sep 22, 2023

Sometimes, despite doing “all the things” we’re supposed to do for our spa business we can still get stuck in our leadership and sales growth. So what gives?! 

You may not realize there are hidden forces in your business that are shaping your trajectory of success, purpose & abundance…but you will soon! 

Discover the untapped power of Numerology and unlock my secret to building a thriving business in the spa industry…or any industry, for that matter! Blending “woo” and business to tap into my fullest potential has been a long-term ritual for me and I’m ready to share it with you too. 

Numerology is the study of the energetics of numbers 1-9 and everyone has a Life Path Number (aka Leadership Code or Ruling Number) that explains their soul's journey as a human in this lifetime. Answers to the age-old questions of “Who am I, really? Why am I here? Why do I think the way I do? Why do I act the way I do?” are all revealed in Numerology.  

The information Numerology provides easily becomes a guiding light for conscious entrepreneurs looking to layer traditional business practices with ancient, soul-full strategies to enhance business growth, leadership, and team dynamics by unleashing their true potential. After listening to today’s podcast, you might be wondering, could Numerology be the missing piece to your business success?

  • Learn how I used Numerology in my personal life and business strategy to navigate the worst 2 years of my life.
  • Why exploring Numerology is your secret weapon for personal evolution and entrepreneurial success.
  • Extract actionable and practical cues from Numerology to navigate sales and business challenges more easily.
  • Witness first-hand how the mystique of Numerology can bring about astonishing transformations in your leadership and business growth.


“The obstacle is the way. Whatever we are fighting is what we actually have to go through.” - Kirsten Foss


Time Stamps: 

Key moments in this episode are:

1:45 - where does Numerology come from?
2:45 - My personal journey with Numerology, especially after a devastating few years
13:34 - Where do I start when I give a Numerology Leadership Blueprint reading?

16:35- How a Numerology Forecast opens opportunities
18:09 - Sneak peek of a unique Numerology for your business service coming by the end of this year
20:31 - How to receive your Numerology Leadership Blueprint Reading


The world of business ownership has so many moving parts that demand your attention…and you may be wondering if there’s “something more” than conventional strategies that give you a higher perspective of your business, self & soul.

Deepening your big-picture awareness, both personally & professionally, can help lead you to strong sales, more effective leadership, and a life that feels whole, abundant & peaceful. If Numerology has piqued your interest, click here to book a reading with me

🤗 I can’t wait to meet you.

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