Should Your Spa Team Also Be Your Social Media Managers?

Should Your Spa Team Also Be Your Social Media Managers?

Dec 01, 2022



Should your spa team also be your social media managers, spa owners?

It’s a fantastic question, and one we here at Kirsten Foss Coaching field frequently: spa owners commonly voice their frustrations about how team members aren’t taking an active role in creating and posting social media content…

…or, if they are, the results are lacking at best!

If you’ve been seeing:

  • Low social media engagement
  • Slow follower growth
  • No increased bookings or improvement to your eCommerce sales
  • And just zero buzz in general across your socials

Then this is the blog for you!

Social Media Expectations for Spa Businesses

So you’re wanting your in-spa service providers to take on a social media role. Whether it be a focus on Reels, captions, hashtag research, or even any photography that goes beyond simple before-and-afters of clients, that expectation in itself means that you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Why? Well, here are the common indicators that your unskilled social media team expectations are too high:

  • They have no proven track record for social media strategy and/or management
  • They often don’t like social media or don’t spend time on it personally
  • They don’t know how to measure social media results, making it so your efforts hang in limbo (is the time and money you’re spending worth it? You won’t know until it’s too late!)
  • They’re just not into it. They’re spa service providers! 

Even if you do secure a team member who actually is skilled in the realm of social media management and strategy, adding it to their daily task list often breeds resentment and, in turn, a shorter tenure on your team. Between taking time away from the services they were originally hired to do, often little-to-no extra pay for their added skill set, and them not having enough time in a day to batch strong strategy and implementation for your spa’s socials, trying to contain your social media management to inside your spa comes with too many roadblocks… and too few positive takeaways.

How Spa Owners Should Approach Social Media Management

While it’s possible that you could stumble across a social-media-slash-service-provider whiz to act as a hybrid unicorn in-spa, is the juice worth the squeeze if you sacrifice the quality of both skills?

(Spoiler alert: it’s absolutely not!)

At first glance it may seem more cost-effective to have an in-house social media because they’re “already at work”, so to speak, but we recommend to keep your service providers and guest services focused on the following zones of genius: customer service, spa service goals, guest experience, service and retail skills, and, most importantly, the overall skills necessary to keep your client retention high. If you’re hiring service team members, those are the top qualifications to be seeking out.

As for social media, we recommend leaving that to the professionals. In 2022 and beyond:

  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business
  • Two-in-three users say that Instagram helps them find new brands
  • 66% of users visit a business page at least once per week
  • …And those stats are only growing by the year!

To leverage social media marketing for your spa, apply today to have it be handled by the Kirsten Foss Coaching team of experts. Spots are limited!

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