From Frazzled to Flourishing: Spa Website Revival Tips for Time-Strapped Owners

From Frazzled to Flourishing: Spa Website Revival Tips for Time-Strapped Owners

#marketingwithdelia #searchengineoptimization Aug 05, 2023

Slow season is approaching - are you ready? As spa owners, we know you're often time-strapped and scrambling for last-minute marketing ideas. But did you know that your website is your most valuable asset?

In our latest episode of the Spa Business Mastery Podcast, we're ringing the bell and bringing your attention to your spa marketing for fall. It may be tempting to focus on social media, BUT with its limited organic reach, the priority this season is your website. 


In this episode, we will:

  • Uncover the significant rewards of investing time in refreshing and optimizing your spa website
  • Share how a thorough audit of your website’s design and content can be a major game changer for raising your credibility and differentiating your Spa from the competition.
  • Identify the impact of relying on vague copy and buzzwords when it comes to your spa’s  service descriptions and offerings.
  • Discover the value of consulting with a web designer for drastic advancement in your website’s performance. 


Time Stamps:

1:51 - Why is website traffic imperative for business growth, especially during slow seasons?

5:03 - What should I be assessing and updating on my spa website?

8:48 - How do images and messaging impact my spa’s website effectiveness and bookings?

11:14 - Should I update my own website or get help with a web redesign?


It's time to ensure that your website is 100% on point to convert consumers into bookings. After all, it's the first impression for potential clients who are browsing multiple spa websites, comparing professionalism, clarity of messaging, and relevance of your offers.

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