April 2024 Business Numerology Forecast

Apr 01, 2024


Happy April 1st! This ain't no joke - April's Business Numerology Forecast says it's time to step into this month's amplified CREATIVITY & COMMUNICATION because It's a 3 energy month y'all.


But first, a quick reframe about what “being creative” means. We’re not referring to the paint & sew kind of creativity you think about when the word "creative" is mentioned. For you, dear Spa Owner, the 3 energy refers to the incessant flow of creative ideas & solutions you have for your clients and spa business type of creativity. Yes...you see it now, don’t you? Agreed! You ARE very creative!! 


I’m diving into how the wonderful energy of April provides us all an opportunity to amp up our creativity, communication, and those heart-to-heart connections in life & spa business, which fuels growth and brings fresh innovations to their businesses. Consider this forecast as your trusty spring guide to make the most of these potentials! You’ll want to watch out for the most common 3 energy traps - it's the other side of the massive creativity coin that can undo your entrepreneurial creativity if you're going in blind. 


In this episode, you will be able to:


  • Discover how numerology can guide your business decisions and strategies for the month of April
  • Uncover the secrets (not-so-secret when you can decode it!) of capturing April’s 3 energy to drive growth and success in the spa business.
  • Learn why emotional intelligence will be especially needed this month to become a more effective and empathetic leader in your business.
  • Make note of four specific dates in April that will act as portals to structure, creativity, letting go & balance.

“In numerology, the biggest piece to remember is that we study the energetics of the numbers one to nine, and at any time, we get to choose whether we are expressing the high vibration or the low vibration.” Kirsten Foss


The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Join the Soul of Spa Business Membership for a deep dive into blending practical spa business tactics with Numerology. This membership includes monthly business calls, meditations, Focus Worksheets, community & more for seasoned spa owners seeking growth beyond the grind. The beta test starts on April 9, and joining during this phase secures founding members pricing and the opportunity to provide feedback for future improvements for our fall 2024 launch.

  • Discover your Leadership Code! Download your free Leadership Code report and get valuable insights into how your Code influences your personal and business life.

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