What’s your Spa Business Drama Story?

What’s your Spa Business Drama Story?

May 13, 2018

We all have a story that is running in the background, usually negative, that affects our thoughts and actions. Until we become aware of it, we can't move forward. And if we do not become aware of it, it can run the show.

One of the biggest places I see this materialize is in spa visibility. When it comes to marketing, we let the story of our worth impact our ability to put ourselves out there. That is detrimental to your business and to your life. 


What is your drama story? What are you thinking about yourself as a leader, as an entrepreneur? "I am not a good manager" "My team doesn't like and respect me". "I can't do this" These are typically derived from previous experiences that have become an ingrained part of our belief about ourselves. In order to change that, we need to take an honest look at what we are telling ourselves and start working towards a new idea. 


Are my thoughts serving me? Are the things I am saying real? Is there some truth to it? Identify the negative self talk, look for proof, question it. But be careful, identify what is true that we have a role in fixing, and what is a lie we are telling ourselves and allowing to affect our business.


Begin to analyze the thoughts and the story and make necessary changes to tell a different story. "My team is not working for me." ask yourself, "how can I change what I am doing to better support my team?" Reinvent yourself and the story you have been telling yourself. Start to dig into where the feelings and beliefs are coming from and decide how you can move forward. 

Begin again. 

This is the most powerful place to be in. 

Follow up with your own agreements. Tho most important consistent action you can take is to honor yourself, and your agreements to yourself. Simple things and big things. Consciously make decisions when you need to. Decide it will be different and mean it. Once you decide to start; you will.

I explore more in depth how to talk yourself out of the story you have been telling here:

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