The Gatekeepers: Is Your Reception Team Costing You Money?

The Gatekeepers: Is Your Reception Team Costing You Money?

sales training Jul 06, 2016

If you think your reception team isn’t the kingpin of your spa business, you are dead wrong. Guest services are the people on your team to make the first touch point and the last touch point with every single spa client and have massive opportunities to generate big sales.

Reception Controls the Schedule.

What is really happening when clients are calling to book appointments? Is reception suggesting complementary services to piggyback on the one clients called to schedule? Could reception be playing favourites with service providers and booking one esthetician more than the others? Do they suggest another service provider if the one the guest requested is busy?

There are multiple ways to increase average tickets and appointment bookings. Neglecting to create customer service scripts for reception to follow can leave money on the table.

Reception Controls the Flow of the Day

Your service providers depend on reception to keep the flow of the spa moving smoothly. At the beginning of each shift, does reception review the day to head off possible timing conflicts? Are they willing to help estheticians clean up or set up if they are behind schedule? Do they know how to keep a calm & professional demeanour in the midst of a frenetic day?

If reception cannot successfully manage the overall guest experience, clients lose faith in your business and will not return, regardless of how exceptional their hands-on treatment was.

Reception Closes the Sale.

Once the treatment is over, your estheticians should be passing their client to Guest Services to cash them out. Are your receptionists trained to smoothly suggest pre-booking? If the service provider suggested products, do guest services know how to close the sale? Does your reception team know their product knowledge backwards & forwards to be able to articulately answer questions or overcome objections?

If reception isn’t rock-solid in their sales skills, the spa will lose the sale.

Reception is a powerful position in your spa. However, most salons are neglectful in giving the in-depth training that is required to leverage this position to generate abundant appointments and increase spa sales dramatically.

Are you training your receptionists to stay in a passive position or grow into spa money makers?

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