Step By Step - Your Spa Marketing Plan

Step By Step - Your Spa Marketing Plan

financials Jul 06, 2018

Excuse me for interrupting your poolside pina colada with this brief announcement:

September is Coming!

Time to get started on your fall marketing! Pre - planning is the key to success later on!

I am here to help!

I find most owners put off marketing, add it to the bottom of the bottom of the list, because they are too busy or too uncertain where or what to start.

Here is a simplified step by step process to get you started on a marketing promotion.

  1. Timeframe - What is the timeline for the promotion you are marketing. This is determined by value, season, effort involved. Pro: less work for you with longer promotions Con: Add fatigue where your viewers get tired of seeing it

  2. What’s the Goal? - What is the objective behind the promotion? Is it seasonal or standard based on patterns? Is it a service, if yes how do you align it with your client’s specific needs? Does the promotion you choose align with a business goal. This gives us an opportunity to measure our success to know what’s working and what we need to change up.

  3. What’s the promotion? - Service, event, local etc

  4. What’s the investment? – How much will it cost you? How much will it cost the client?

  5. Create Your Message - This is the outcome focused, one sentence pitch. Include copy and a strong visual image.

Now you are ready to take your message to the market!

Marketing Breakdown:

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Content

  • Word of Mouth – In Spa Conversations

Next Steps - Increased Visibility:

  • Joint venture partnerships – Identify your shared business partners in your community, build and nurture a relationship, identify how you can mutually benefit, then ask

  • Events - Launches, Value Clients events, open houses

  • Networking – Yuck right? BUT this is so vitally important. Dragging yourself to a networking event is one of your most powerful marketing tools. This is a long-term strategy which makes it harder to see the value but understand this is a nurtured development.

There you go! A gift from me to you! It feels overwhelming, but breaking it down step by step will make everything easier and more efficient!

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