Spas & Video Marketing - The Highly Underutilized Sales Resource

Spas & Video Marketing - The Highly Underutilized Sales Resource

Aug 27, 2019

Video marketing is a critical piece of the marketing system but the reality is that many spa business owners are not taking advantage of this powerful tool. If you are not using video marketing, you are missing out on reaching the clients you need!

Before we get into video marketing though, I want to take a minute to frame-up social media marketing. This will give you a better perspective of why you need video marketing in your spa business marketing system for organic reach.

Organic (unpaid) reach and engagement are very low - This isn't specific just to the spa industry; it is every business on social media. Social media platforms have been designed to monetize their business. If you want to be part of these free platforms and only use the free aspects of them you have to realize where you are limited, which is in the organic reach.

Most spa owners don't know how to use paid ads properly - Achieving meaningful organic reach takes consistency and strategy. If you are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of spa business owner, you are most likely dropping the ball on consistency, leaving paid ads as your only other option.

The problem paid ads is that many of you are using the "Boost Post" option on your Facebook page. Boost Post is not a great marketing option because it has very limited targeting which is the opposite of what you need. If you’re trying to get more clients into your spa business, you need the specific targeting that you only get from the Business Manager Tool. BUT, the problem with that is most of you don't even know where the Ads Manager on Facebook is let alone how to use it effectively!

Creating successful ads on Facebook takes specific training or outsourcing, but both options require commitment and money.

If you are interested though, in learning how to use Facebook Ads I would recommend Tara Zurker's course, Successful Ads Club.

Most spa owners struggle with visibility - If you are feeling awkward about self promotion, you are already undermining yourself with your self confidence issue.

Many spa owners are overwhelmed with new technology or tactics – Ugh, I totally get this one. My M.O. when I am overwhelmed is to "check out" but remember, when you check out you can't following through with what you need to get done. Have strategies to manage your self-sabotage.

Many spa owners are not strong communicators in marketing - Yes, you are great communicators in the treatment room, but when it comes to having the confidence to self promotion, many of you struggle. But it is not that you can't do it, it is just your self confidence undermining your ability to communicate.

If you need more traffic coming into your spa business and you don't have the time or money to learn about and pay for paid ads, the fact is you’re limited to only a few options for reach and engagement.

Here’s what I want you consider about implementing video marketing into your strategy…

Play along with the platforms - Facebook and Instagram WANT their users to use video and they are rewarding business that use video with more engagement and reach - for free!

Bottom Line: Videos always get more clicks

Consumers have a better connection with you when you do video - Video blows text or images through the roof when it comes to personal connection. When you are creating video consistently in your spa business it vastly improves the trust factor.

You may be wondering about Live vs recorded videos? In my opinion Live Videos are much more effective because you are a REAL HUMAN, not someone who has done several takes to get it perfect. Stumbling over a word or messing something up does not make you any less credible.

You need to decide if your desire to share your vision, purpose and knowledge with the world is greater than your fear of being judged.

Your competitor is likely not doing video at all! - This means that you will you will have a leg up in your local vicinity by having more organic visibility and increased trust than your competitors just by doing video marketing.

If you need to book more clients but you are thinking NO WAY, NOT HAPPENING, I would like you to be honest about why you are making that decision. If it is a fear of self promotion, I want you to recognize when that fear is creeping up and ask yourself if that fear is actually real because if you can't afford to do paid ads and you need more clients the reality is that you are cutting yourself off at the knees.

Gripped by fear about using Video in your marketing?

F.E.A.R = False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

I bet you’re not nearly as terrible at video as you think!!

If you are all in and ready to get started on video marketing, here are a few tips to make it easier…

  1. Create a cheat sheet: I do this every time I do a Facebook Live. A cheat sheet helps to keep you on track and I have gone from scribbling a few sticky notes with talking points on them to creating a more in depth document on google docs to share with my VA (virtual assistant) so that she can repurpose my videos into a blog post.

  2. JUST DO IT: I started doing video marketing about 5 years ago using a platform called Periscope. This was before Facebook and Instagram had picked up on using a live video platform, but I had heard that video marketing would be dominating the marketing world by 2019. I was very uncomfortable with going in front of the camera but I challenged myself to do a Periscope video every day for 5 days. Yes it was stressful but I did it and I realized that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

  3. Repurpose your video content: Use your Facebook or Instagram live for content on other platforms. This is the real power of creating this kind of rich content. Create a blog and post your video on your website, transcribe the best parts for an email, and pull out nuggets for social media. This is how you make creating content easier!

I really encourage you to get on the video bandwagon but if you are not sure how to get started, I can help you out with that. Just contact me and we can chat about what you are struggling with and how I can support you.

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