Spa Leadership 101 - Always Be Prepared

Spa Leadership 101 - Always Be Prepared

Apr 29, 2018

Most spas are busy in the summer and then come through a quieter fall. Because of this trend as an owner and a leader you need to be clear and prepared with your marketing plan for the fall.

One of my greatest messages for spa owners is simply making sure you are doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. In order to do that we need to always be thinking ahead. to what's next. The present is happening now, we need to be ready for the future.

We need time to think. Time to start percolating through what we want to do, how we want to market our spa through the next season. When we wait, we dip into reactive mode then we miss opportunities. We miss listening to the intuitive hiss that comes, we miss opportunities to be creative. 

Spa Marketing Preparedness Crash Course:

  1. Brainstorm: what are you offering? Featured service? What will your marketing message be?

  2. Time Block: in May/June to start mapping out the plan. How will you market. What copy needs to be written, what dialogue will take place in the spa to generate business, designing your social media schedule

  3. Strategy: take time to work through your strategy with someone you trust to support you.

  4. Plan of Attack: What can you do today to be ready for tomorrow. Can you write and schedule emails and blog posts now? What copy can you develop and have ready to go?

  5. Execute: Make sure you leave time in your schedule now to put your plan into action!

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