Set Up For Spa Success

Set Up For Spa Success

leadership success Apr 14, 2018

If you feel like everything needs fixing. If you are always going round the hamster wheel. You will feel like you are running yourself ragged, you will feel overwhelmed and busy, but you will never feel accomplished.

The myth of multitasking.

Context switching, jumping from one subject to the next and back again, minimal focus on multiple things will make you crazy! Its inefficient and an enormous time suck.

If you are looking to get your business organized and running in a way that it becomes possible to reach your goals for your spa you must learn to prioritize. You need to learn to recognize where your gaps are.

Focus first on the foundations of your business:

  • System and structure

  • Staffing

  • Marketing

Then, budget more time, not less.

Give yourself more time than you think you need. We have a habit of overestimating the amount of work we can get done, and underestimating the amount of time you need to do it.

This weeks' Spa Business Break is all about setting yourself up to succeed:

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