Seasonal Energy and Your Spa

Seasonal Energy and Your Spa

Apr 22, 2018

Working with the energies of the seasons is a strategy I implemented in my own business this past year and it has worked wonders. Experimenting with the different seasons and their meanings is a great way to work through your year and keeping present and committed to growth without the feeling of overwhelm and getting into a bad habit of "shoulding" on ourselves.

However, as we get better at the continuous growth and development we find ourselves getting stuck, in a rut of burnout, of blah, or bored.

As business owners we are all amazing at coming up with ideas, innovation, the next big thing, but something happens in the middle. We lose momentum and it gets harder to finish, to keep going. When you get to that point; the way you will push through is to have supports in place to get you to the other side. Whether that is a group of like minded spa owners, one accountability partner, or a professional coach, its important that you have help to carry you through, and get you back on track 

If you want the outcome to show up you have to show up. And if you need support in that, you need to shore up with someone. 

I know this feels outside of my typical conversation but it touches my overarching message which is to always trust and honor your own intuition. This is how you will run your business beautifully. Your intuition is you, it is ingrained in your why. And once you develop confidence in your business you will feel ready to follow to natural intuition that you feel. 

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