Professional Development - You're Getting There

Professional Development - You're Getting There

financials leadership spa manager time management Jun 17, 2018

When we are presented with opportunities to attend a conference or summit for development many times that comes with a need to travel. That means extra expenses, time away. Looking at the overall price or our ever growing 'to do' list, it's very easy to say "I can't afford it!" or throw our hands up and say "I don't have time." Unless we break it down and look at it differently we will continue to have those limiting beliefs. We will continue to believe our drama story.

I can tell you from experience it is absolutely possible. There are ways to make things happen. I have been there. I have done it. 

The reason this is coming up now is because if you are following me, you know there is an amazing summit opportunity coming up in Hawaii this October. This is a remarkable conference that is absolutely worth attending.

Tremendous value.

Of course I know the next thought is, tremendous expense, tremendous time suck. 

Reverse Engineering

Break it down line item by line item to support the budget. Identify how much each portion will cost. Flight, accommodations, food, entertainment. Get a good clear idea of each dollar value then divide that into into a weekly or monthly savings plan to put the money away. 

Looking at it from a weekly or monthly point of view makes it seems far more manageable.

Prioritizing Your Time

Another objection I hear is time. Maybe you really 100% do not have the time. If that is true to your core, alright, we all have seasons of busy where we simply can not fit another thing in. But something to consider is to identify your priorities, if stepping up in your leadership, and marketing and business is your next step, professional development is something you MUST make time for. 


The other reason you may hesitant may not be immediately clear. Sometimes its a daunting fear of the unknown. Who will be there, what will happen, I don't know the process. This is a very real fear, but I know from experience once you end up in a room with like minded individuals, all with the same goals and ideals in mind. Something magic happens, strangers become acquaintances, and acquaintances become friends. I know the Beauty Business Summit the team has done an amazing job at recognizing the need to support networking and relationship development to make the event a success.  

In this weeks Spa Business Break, I give some real time real life examples for making this work. 

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