Popular Spa Growth Initiatives & How to Support Them

Popular Spa Growth Initiatives & How to Support Them

Aug 24, 2018

With summer winding down, it's likely that as a spa owner you have started the process of brainstorming ideas for ways to grow your spa business in order to have a successful last quarter. Many spa owners will be thinking of ways to fill their schedule with clients while others may be searching for ways to make the time for new clients. Either way, growth is always our focus. 

If you are stuck on finding a growth initiative that is the perfect fit for your spa business, here are some popular ideas that may get you started with your spa's growth plans: 

Popular Spa Business Growth Initiatives

  1. Build your clientele

  2. Increase the visibility of your spa through social media and online avenues

  3. Work on systems and automation for your spa

  4. Streamline your spa's workflow

  5. Brainstorm strategies to earn more even though you are a spa that is booked out for the season.

  6. Work on promotions

  7. Create an operations manual or staff handbook

  8. Transition into a specific niche

  9. Revisit your services and treatment menu and see what changes need to be made

  10. Work on Holiday Events or Promotions


Once you have your ideas in place for your spa's growth initiatives, how do you turn these initiatives from ideas on paper into working plans that are put into place in our spas? This is often where we get stuck as spa owners. We have these brilliant ideas for the growth of our spa, but the day to day grind of our spa keeps us from getting these ideas off of the ground. Unfortunately when this happens our spas suffer. 

But what can we do? One suggestion is to find an accountability partner-also known as your "Esti-Bestie". Having a partner in crime allows you to bounce ideas off of each other and to keep one another on track. Another option is to join a group. My Spa Business Mastery Facebook is a private group for spa owners, and a safe place, judgement free place for spa owners to share ideas, ask questions, and motivate each other. 

I also offer the Spa Business Lab. This is a business lab offered a few times each year, where we get together in mastermind format lab and work on your growth initiatives. My spa business lab will provide you with direction and support, and ensures that you are held accountable for your spa's growth initiatives. Learn more by watching the video below, or clicking on the fall spa lab image below! 


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