Not Booked Up In December? Here's What To Do

Not Booked Up In December? Here's What To Do

sales Dec 09, 2016

December is usually the busiest month of the year for the spa industry.

Clients want their facials, pedicures, lashes, skincare, spray tan, etc to be fresh for their holiday parties and family events or they may be preparing to go on a Christmas vacation. Add the spike in gift certificate sales and impulse buys at reception, and you could very well be ringing in the New Year with a pile of cash in the bank.

But what happens, despite traditional peak spa times, your spa schedule is showing more empty spots than you expected this month?
It may be too late to generate a rush of new bookings, but you can use the time wisely and productively so you don't have this problem again. Here are 4 ways for you to turn your slow time into "smart time", rather than sitting and waiting for clients to call. 

PS. I've added subtitles to this video so you can watch with the volume off!

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