How to Leverage a Fully Booked Schedule

How to Leverage a Fully Booked Schedule

sales Nov 26, 2016

Are you ready for the rush? Chances are you’ve been mulling over ideas for how to squeeze the most of December’s opportunities.

Maybe you’ve been trying to come up with a special holiday package to stimulate gift certificate sales. Maybe you’re in the final stages of preparing for an Open House/Guest Appreciation night full of great deals, wine & nibble-ies.

Maybe, attempting to come up with ideas kicks you into overwhelm and you don’t know what to do to increase your revenues during the holiday season.

And maybe you’re not overwhelmed at all...but seeking a more simple way to leverage your December sales into the New Year and beyond.

I have 3 ideas that don’t require you to come up with any packages or host an event in an already busy time.

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