How to Take The Time Suck Out of Social Media Marketing

How to Take The Time Suck Out of Social Media Marketing

marketing time management Aug 17, 2016

The race for social media reach is ON and the competition is fierce. But who has time to keep up your spas social channels AND run the business? 

It is possible to get much better social media reach than many page admins do, but it requires you to be on your game when it comes to posting great content. But most spa owners are feeling overwhelmed with what to post, when and on which platforms and end up randomly posting without a strategy. 

Then, because spa owners are typically unfocused when it comes to social media marketing, they make the #1, big-kahuna-mistake of digital marketing - They get sidetracked with their news feeds and mindless scrolling that follows. 

The time that started out as productive business time ends in wasted energy.

Here’s how to take the time-suck out of your social media marketing:

1.    Decide to work from strategy for your social media.

You can come up with all sorts of excuses as to why your social media isn’t bringing in new business for your spa. My bet is you simply have not made the decision and commitment to get organized & make a plan. 

2.    Commit to setting aside chunks of time.

Creating any well thought out plan takes time. Updating your social channels “when you have time” will never create engaging accounts. Set aside time blocks in your schedule (and turn off all email & social media notifications!) to get it DONE. I guarantee the time you take organizing your Social Media now is much less than the time you waste all month getting distracted & mindlessly scrolling

3.    Get clear about your Social Media purpose for this campaign.

When you start using strategy to grow your following and support your tribe, it starts with asking questions: 

  • What exactly are we trying to do? Increase followers? Launch a new service? Bring awareness to a less-booked treatment?

  • For what period of time will you have this focus? A month? 6-weeks pre-launch? A quarter?

  • How are you going to measure the success of your posts?

These are only a few questions to get clear about your marketing goals before you put energy into your social media posts.

4.    Use Social Media scheduling tools.

There are plenty of free resources to upload batches of content at one time to be published throughout the week or month. Some are free (Facebook’s Schedule Post, Latergram for Insta, Tailwind for Pinterest, Hootsuite’s free plan) and some are paid (Hootsuite, Buffer). You don’t want to rely ONLY on scheduling features to post, but they are an awesome way to stay focused on posting, especially when you know you’ll be busy.

The bottom line is this: committing your schedule to work on strategy is productive time on Social Media. Allowing yourself to stay disorganized and distracted will only keep you frustrated with your social media marketing results.

What will you decide? Because it IS a decision. 

So is no decision at all. 

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