Fall Spa Business Labs Starts Next Week!

Fall Spa Business Labs Starts Next Week!

Sep 15, 2018

I have been talking about the Fall Spa Business Labs for a few weeks now, and the time is finally here for our first round of calls to start! I know some of you are either interested or on the fence, so I wanted to take some time to explain in a bit more detail what goes on inside the spa business labs.

Before the labs start, I give a little bit of pre-work to each spa owner. Each spa owner comes to their call with a goal that they are working towards for their spa. For example, maybe your staff is a mess and you need to gain control and consistency. Perhaps your website needs updated and you really need guidance as to what updates should be made. Another great goal would be to elevate your spa’s client experience. From there, with my guidance, we break down your goal into manageable chunks and start putting together action steps. As long as you come determined to put in the work, we will have you well on your way to completing your goal by the end of the lab.

Each spa owner in your group will have 15 minutes of one on one time with me. The beauty of this mastermind format is that you each get to hear what other spa owners are working on and the action steps needed to achieve each goal. This information may come in handy at some point with your own spa!

On the video below I talk more about the Spa Business Labs as well as how I break down each segment of your goal into more manageable segments!

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