3 Tips for Increasing your Publishing Frequency for Spa Media

3 Tips for Increasing your Publishing Frequency for Spa Media

Aug 19, 2019

In the spa industry, we are often swamped in the summer then business tends to taper off in the fall. If this is the case in your spa business, I want to make sure you've got loads of support for the upcoming fall season.

The key to any successful business is to becoming more efficient once you determine which systems you need. When you are efficient in your spa business, you’re usually booked up and making more money - which means you and your team are all happier!

But when you’re stuck in the minutia of your day in "hummingbird view" and looking at everything up close, it's hard to see the big picture or "eagle view" of how you can streamline with systems.

Increasing publishing for marketing is one of those places that I often hear from spa owners (hey… I'm just going to call if for what it is - excuses) about why you can't get more content out to the people who want to hear from you. Sound familiar?

  • I'm not creative enough

  • I don't know what to write

  • I don't have anything to say

  • I'm not inspired to write something

  • I don't have time

If you’ve caught yourself repeating any of the above phrases AND bookings are low - it's time for tough love. If you need more clients coming into your spa business, consider it your job to become more of a marketing expert. And to be honest, if you don't have enough clients coming in, you should have enough time on your hands to start learning about how marketing works so you can get better at it!

Don't get me wrong; I get it. Most of you didn't get into spa business because you were business and marketing gurus! But those of you that chose to learn marketing (or outsource it) are the ones who will move forward with building their clientele at a much faster pace.

If you want to increase your marking visibility, you will need to increase your publishing frequency. But it's not just about throwing out any post with no thought put into it and expecting the clients to come in.  While you are increasing your publishing frequency, you also have to understand the tactics that work well with social media algorithms, how to make sure your email shows up in people's inboxes and how Google is managing your SEO. What I’m talking about here is strategic posting.

So, where are you missing the mark in the spa industry when it comes to marketing and publishing frequency? What I hear from you is that there is a struggle in creating a strategy and content.

3 Tips To Increase Your Media Posting Frequency

Tip #1 - Time blocking: Block out the time you need to get your marketing strategy and content created. Time blocking is not just something you do when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to get something done. It takes commitment - so make this a system so it becomes a habit.

Also, when it comes to time blocking, another piece that is equally as important as commitment is focus. Studies have shown that if you are always "context switching" such as trying to create content in between clients or while your kids are running around or some other random flashy-light distraction, it takes your brain 5 minutes to re-engage into what you were doing. You are literally losing time while you are losing focus, which could be why you are finding coming up with content so difficult!

Truth Bomb: If you have a team and you are still in the treatment room; it's time to get out.

I know, I know, you got into this business because you love giving services, but if you don't have the time to work on your marketing or have an effective marketing plan and you need more clients, then you need to reorganize your priorities.

Staying in the treatment room while leading a team is context switching x 5000 and you’ll never going to achieve meaningful growth because you just don’t have enough of you to go around.

Tip #2 - Create 6x6 content worksheet. On a piece of paper, write 6 main topics along the top. Under each main topic, write 6 sub-topics that you could talk about.

Using this format will make it much easier to come up with content for your marketing.

Tip #3 - Use a media scheduler. My Social Media Management team at Kirsten Foss Coaching uses Instagram approved Later.com for organizing and scheduling our client's social media posts. Later helps us to stay organized, improves feed design and also churns out fantastics educational content for us to stay in the social media tech loop.

Trust me; batch creation, pre-planning and using a scheduling tool for your social media posts (email platforms have schedulers too!) will save you considerable time and energy. And when you are not posting on the fly, the quality of your content is much better.

I’m imploring you, make life easier on yourself and use these tools to get yourself more organized…so you can be more visible to attract those clients that need you.

Once you have your 6x6 grid filled out you should have no problem getting content out for your social media, emails (remember I told you last week you should get two emails out a week?), and blogging. If you are not a great writer, hire a ghostwriter! You are the subject matter expert to your clients, but there are people out there that will take your rough content and spin into a genius wordsmithed blog uploaded to your website. (Psst. We do that too!)

Ok, so maybe you are already doing all of the tips I gave you above, but you still find that you don't have time to get your marketing plan together. You may be in that "hummingbird view" I talked about earlier and having a hard time seeing the big picture of your spa business. If this is the case, I would invite you to write a list of everything you are working on in your business and then take a hard look at whether what you are working on is actually a priority.

Our subconscious mind has powerful ways of drawing us away from what we need to do to take the next step in our growth. This is a protection mechanism called PROCRASTINATION. So, let's make sure you are working on something that is going to move you forward in your growth, both in your business and personally.

If you are sure though, that you are not procrastinating and you genuinely don't have enough time, then it's time to outsource. You can't continue to hold on to low-level tasks if you want growth in your spa business. I guarantee, delegating your low-level tasks will open up time and space for you to work on the higher level projects.

Again, if you need any help in your spa business, whether it is getting your marketing system started or you are ready to outsource it all, we are here to help. Contact me, and we can talk about what you need and how my team and I can serve you best. Happy Marketing!!

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