Kirsten Foss Portfolio and Testimonials

Kristen Cheyne
Kirsten is a wonderful source of support, encouragement, inspiration and the necessary accountability that business owners need in order to grow, especially those of us who work alone as fresh entrepreneurs in the spa and salon industry. Her style is warm and professional, and she’s a font of industry information.
— Kristen Cheyne, Facial Expressions - Vancouver

Since working with Kirsten, the biggest changes I’ve seen in my business are my numbers. I’ve had an increase in clients calling in and making appointments, and specifically, for acne clients which is what I wanted to be the focus my spa business, but struggled with on my own. I also feel a lot more confident as a business woman since I’ve had this increase! Working with Kirsten is awesome. I receive fantastic one-on-one attention, but more than that....she has so many great connections, and is always willing to share!! I love that! I would highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who is looking for spa business coaching.
— Gina Gruber, Luminous Skin - Kentucky

Eight months ago I was completely lost in my business. I felt like a failure wanting to give up but I didn’t think I had any other options. I was given Kirsten’s name as a saving grace.

I called Kirsten for her 30-minute complimentary consultation invite...expecting to be sold to and instead, I was consoled and given words of wisdom that made me think there was light at the end of this dark tunnel I had been traveling.

I was happy to know that Kirsten had been a spa owner just like me...she actually knew the industry and could identify with what I was struggling with.

I decided to take the plunge and hire was the absolute best business decision I have made thus far.Having Kirsten as a business coach and mentor has freed me from the countless hours of struggling with the everyday difficulties of running a business the right way.

I went from staffing problems, not knowing any of my financials, “winging” every discount I came up with and every other decision I made on a knowing my business numbers, learning how to communicate effectively, having a wonderful relationship with my staff and, most importantly, loving my business again.

I could have never come this far without Kirsten! I am thankful every day that I stumbled across her name and am looking forward to the continued success that she so easily pulls out of me.
— Heather Wing, A New You - Healthy Aging Spa

I feel as if I have an angel on my shoulder with Kirsten as my business coach. I highly recommend Kirsten Foss to coach anyone experiencing the challenges that we face in the Beauty/Wellness Industry. It is our choice to do it alone or to hire someone to help us through the challenges. Challenges alone are overwhelming. Challenges with a great business coach like Kirsten are no only less intimidating, but fun!”
— Shannon Hall, Anam Cara Spa, Sidney, BC

I participated in Kirsten’s Salon & Spa Business Workshops and found her information to be a great reminder of the different facets of running a business in the spa/salon industry! From coaching staff, numbers and to thinking about planning my exit strategy she had some great advice. I believe knowledge is power and Kirsten’s personal experiences make what she has to share even more relatable
— Candice Lowery, Eden Street Spa, Campbell River, BC

Kirsten easily inspires me to reach my full potential in my business. She quickly grasped and understood the dimensions of my profession and off the top of her head had instant solutions for how I could build on my success and improve my business, both for myself and my clients. Kirsten recognized my strengths and weaknesses and offered several comfortable and useful options to help become more current with my scheduling and book-keeping. We accomplished a lot during our sessions, where I would update her on my progress, and she would determine what goals needed to be met and gave me an accessible timeline and examples to follow. I came away empowered, educated, and motivated to improve my business. I will call on her in the future for ongoing follow-up and would recommend Kirsten to anyone starting their own business or to anyone looking to improve their business.
— Susan Adam, RMT North Saanich Massage Therapy Clinic

So, onward and upward Kirsten!

Thank you for helping me see through the fog. “Principle Above Personality”…the numbers don’t lie!! Being a woman in a female dominated business, I feel I now need to concentrate more on the principles of business and put my “softie” side aside
— Yvonne Campbell, Exist Hairworx, Sidney BC

You must be very proud that one of your students has been improving! 85.93% productivity last month and $2,665.00 for the first 15 days of July! I’m hitting my goal 5K baby!! I can’t stop now! Lol! Thank you heaps!
— Amor Aquino, AMOR STUDIO, North Vancouver