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Leverage your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.

For the past year, I’ve been beating the drum of “outsource, outsource, outsource!” to spa owners, and the easiest way to get started is by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to take over your low-level management tasks.

I kept seeing owners desperately trying to juggle clients, staff, admin responsibilities, growth initiatives, bookkeeping and marketing, just to name a few. The truth is, it’s just too much for one person to handle effectively and efficiently. 

Something’s gotta give. Unfortunately for spa owners, the only time they do have available to commit to working on their social media marketing is their personal/family time. 

Spa Owners can't find Virtual Assistants who understand the spa industry...until now.

Some spa owners took my advice and began searching for a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager but ran into a big snafu fairly quickly - they found it difficult to find skilled, trustworthy VA's who understand the marketing nuances of the spa industry and their personal brands. They were sifting through hundreds of Virtual Assistant candidates from around the world, but they didn’t know how to go about weeding through them all to find the gem.

So, in the spirit of “born of necessity” and having my own VA experiences that needed improving, I decided to create a virtual spa business management agency where I heavily screened and hand-picked VA’s who understand the spa industry voice, nuances and marketing needs.

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Your Spa Marketing 

Ever since I can remember, spa marketing has been a significant bone of contention for almost every owner I’ve met. They need the visibility to increase bookings and sales, but I've discovered six major roadblocks they come across when trying to do their own marketing:

  1. You’re already too busy managing the day-to-day operations of your spa.
    • This is where many of you also stall out on growth when it comes to marketing; you need to attract better quality clients and fill staff schedules, but you're overloaded with spa admin, staffing and client care and the only time that is available to you digs into personal days off. But you're mentally and physically tapped out to stay consistent with your marketing efforts. But when there’s no consistency in your marketing, new client bookings - and therefore sales - slow down.
  2. What got you here won’t get you there.
    • When you were bootstrapping at startup, all you had was “sweat equity” to learn and action out your own marketing. But once you start getting traction with your clientele, it’s time to outsource low-level admin tasks so you can focus your energy on working in your zone-of-genius - spa operations, client care and exciting growth ideas. There’s simply not enough time in the day/week/month to cover all your visibility "bases" on your own (multiple social media channels, email/newsletters, website updates, events, new service or product launches, new staff announcements, client engagement campaigns, staff meetings/training/coaching, etc) and run a profitable spa with a fantastic guest experience...and do all those tasks yourself.
  3. You’re not great at marketing anyways.  

    • The speed at which social media and digital marketing changes makes it almost impossible for you to keep up with the latest tactics and maintain a high level of client care, staffing, and innovation. As a result, you will need to carve into family or self-care time to attend training webinars, complete homework, and labor over your marketing action steps for the upcoming months. Learning curves are slow and tedious. You, dear spa owner, must be smart about where you commit your time.

  4. There’s an internal struggle between needing to be visible and feeling too vulnerable to self-promote.

    • Let’s be real, it’s tough to toot your own horn without feeling like you're bragging or a know-it-all. This friction is a typical caregiver/service provider mindset that often sabotages marketing creativity and finishing to-do lists. When you outsource your marketing, we take the ick out of self-promotion by doing it for you in a way that is educational and inspires clients to take action rather than using bravado or cheesy sales copy. Besides, we LOVE tooting our clients horns! You've worked hard and you have a gift...we'll make it easy for you to shine unapoligetically!

  5. You don't have to hire or train spa staff to help you with your marketing. 

    • At first glance, it may seem like a reasonable solution to hand off your marketing (or part of it) to a spa manager or service provider who says they are up for the job. But the problem is, most spa hires don't have the up-to-date digital knowledge or training to handle a detailed and multi-platform marketing strategy and implementation needed for fantastic visibility. It would be up to you make sure they've got a solid skill set before you could hand over the marketing reigns with confidence. But do you have that time? Nope. Our team of Social Media Managers can hit the ground running with your marketing because this is their zone-of-genius and do for a living

      Another bonus of outsourcing your marketing to us is you're not responsible for payroll taxes, Workmans Compensation or benifits and is a safe way to start scaling your spa business because you'll now have time to work with more clients or on growth initiatives.

  6. You have an experienced spa business coach overseeing your marketing strategy, implementation and engagement.

    • Not only have I been a spa owner for 20+ years in my career as an esthetician, but I’ve been analyzing, strategizing, teaching and coaching digital marketing to spas for 6 years. I see that spa owners are worried about outsourcing their marketing for fear of losing their ‘brand voice” or finding a VA that doesn't understand how spa marketing works and wasting time and money on finding one that does (most of you give up the VA search at this point). 

All Virtual Spa Business Management VA's have been hand-picked and vetted for experience and talent by me. I also personally train, strategize and oversee all client projects so you can be 100% confident you’ve got a social media team that gets your spa business because I get your spa business. 

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For the month of September 2018, we're offering our Social Media Management services at a special price while we test our client management systems. On October 1st, our fees will increase to regular prices. Take advantage of our  Beta-Test rates for spa-specific Social Media Management!