Spa Business Mastery Community Rules 


My FREE Facebook group Spa Business Mastery is a place for spa owners to connect and share growth strategies that work, to support and inspire strong thoughtful leadership and to cheer each other on during the rough patches of spa entrepreneurship.

Please read through this short list of community rules to ensure our group is a safe place to share information. We have a zero-tolerance policy.

1. Positive, Supportive + Compassionate Posts Only

Being a Negative Nelly isn't’ the least bit helpful to improving your leadership, spa business sales or the spa industry as a whole. And it’s a stellar way you to get yourself banned from this group. This includes rants or complaints/criticism about other professionals.

2. Be Helpful

I live by the words “lift as we climb”. This group is a place for spa owners to share growth strategies that work, inspire strong leadership and cheer each other on during the rough patches. When you see you have something helpful to bring to the conversation...chime in to lend a hand.

3. No Self-Promoting

If you’d like to share your spa business ideas with the group because it would help them with their clients or staff, have at it! But if you’re in the group to promote your product or service to other spa professionals, it’s a no-no and you and your post will be deleted.

I do reserve the right to promote my coaching services to the group if I feel it will be of service to our members. If that bothers you, no problem - this probably isn’t the group for you then!

3. No Solicitation or Requests to PM You

Along the same thread of "No Self-Promting", don’t post to the group with an offer to “PM you for details” - the post will be deleted and you’ll be removed from the group.

If anyone receives a request to PM for promotional services from someone outside of Kirsten Foss Coaching, please report it to the admin.