How to Dramatically Increase
Ideal Client Spa Bookings + Make Them Stick

4 Ways in 4 Days

Way 2 - Day 2

If you want to attract your Ideal Client to your spa, you must tailor your website to speak to their concerns and personal values.

Only then, will your website can be a strong lead generator that turns lookers into bookers.

It’s tempting to create a website that appeals to everyone, but I assure you…that’s a mistake. 

If you didn't complete lesson 1, you really need to get on that work before moving on to cleaning up your website to be Ideal Client focused. You can find it here.

In this weeks lesson, you have a checklist to download. You will find strategic information regarding four of the most clicked on tabs; Home, About, Services and Gallery pages.

Think you're a Spa Owner and not a Website Designer?
(I hate to break it to you...)

Recharging On The Weekend: Time spent recharging after a hectic work week may mean spending time with the women who love and support you best, drawing a hot bath with aromatherapy to soothe your body or taking time out for a replenishing facial at X Spa. 

Web designers don't necessarily know how to position your content to attract your Ideal Client.

I think this is one of the most frustrating aspects of creating your spa website...

You hire a web designer to make your site, but their fee doesn't include copywriting or choosing the best images for your spa business focus.

That's up to YOU.

It's a lot of work. But it's worth it.

7 years ago I decided to change my spa business focus from full service to primarily Brazilians and pedicures. When I made strategic changes to my website (the checklist I'm giving you today!), I was fully booked with Brazilians and pedicures by the end of the year.  

Not only that, I consistently heard from new guests "I love your website!".

They loved it because I was speaking directly to their Brazilian & pedicure needs and wants with strong images and clear copy.

If you haven't already downloaded your Ideal Client website checklist, here it is again.

Tomorrow's lesson: “Attracting Your Ideal Client on Social Media” 

I'm tired of spa owners being overwhelmed, stressed and very often, broke. 

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