How to Dramatically Increase
Ideal Client Spa Bookings + Make Them Stick

4 Ways in 4 Days

Way 3 - Day 3

Social Media is a marketing tool that has the ability to give your spa HUGE exposure.

IF you do it right.

If you do it wrong, you're in for a long, frustrating, time wasting experience. Maybe you're already there?

Here's where I see many of you floundering...

Traditional media (newspapers, radio, tv, flyers, etc) is ONE WAY. By that I mean, you are blasting out your promotion or offer to a demographic of people. There is no expected communication from the consumer, other for them to call to schedule an appointment.

With Social Media, it's definitively social. TWO WAY. If you want to stand out from your competition on social, you're required to communicate to your followers in a distinct way that encourages engagement; liking, commenting or sharing. 

This is where it often goes oh-so wrong.

How do you communicate to attract your Ideal Client on Social Media?

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Where Does Social Media Fit In Your Spa Business?

First you need to don your Marketing Hat and learn about how sales funnels will give you HUGE perspective on how you're using Social Media.

The Sales Funnel is a visual representation of the steps required to sell your services or retail. The top of the funnel is the widest, and where there are plenty of people hanging about. They may have seen one of your posts a friend had liked.

They now are aware of your spa business. It may happen, but don't expect fans to see one post and make a call to book an appointment. But they just may "like" your page so they can pay attention to what's going on in your spa. But not everyone who saw that friends post, will like your page (or take any action at all), so already there are less people in your funnel. 

They are qualifying themselves as they move through to a sale.

The next phase for that potential guest is Repeat Visibility. After liking your page, your content now shows up in their feed for them to form a better opinion about your brand. Did you know that consumers could need to see your offer up to 20x to be influenced enough to buy (but more often 7x)? This is called "effective frequency" in marketing. We rarely buy anything valuable the first time we see it advertised. 

In a nutshell, Brand Awareness & Repeat Visibility is where Social Media lives in your business. 

What does this mean? I means that you should limit your selling on Social and start providing epically awesome content your followers will VALUE so it increases your know, like & trust factor of your spa. 

Prospective guests need to see valuable information consistently before they will trust you enough to buy.

Consumers are on Social Media to be entertained...and if you're constantly trying to sell to them, you lose them.

Did you download this week's checklist yet? In there you'll get more Social Media tips to attract your Ideal Client. 

Tomorrow is your last lesson on How to Dramatically Increase Ideal Client Spa Bookings + Make Them Stick and I'm wrapping it up to show you how to make "Appointments That Stick".

I'm tired of spa owners being overwhelmed, stressed and very often, broke. 

My name is Kirsten Foss and I have combined 23 years as an esthetician, 20 years as a spa owner and a natural talent as a mentor & leader to create a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations salon and spa entrepreneurs face in their business and help them overcome their sales and profit challenges.

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