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Kirsten Foss

Hi! My name is Kirsten Foss and I’m thrilled you’re here to apply for a position to work with me and the Virtual Spa Business Management team here at Kirsten Foss Coaching!

We’re currently recruiting smart, creative Social Media Managers to serve the spa & wellness industry.

Spa Social Media Manager

Scope of Work

Do you get your kicks out of blending your creativity with digital marketing tactics?

Do you want to help a female team of online business do’ers (with backgrounds as spa owners, spa managers and product reps) and content creators scale the businesses of spa entrepreneurs?

If you live, eat, and breath pretty digital marketing (with a #nerdalert for skin therapy and beauty) and you’re looking for a dynamic, constantly evolving job, we want to meet you!

Who We Are

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Virtual Spa Business Management is the done-for-you spa business extension of Kirsten Foss Coaching. This sister division is a virtual assistant, social media and online business management company serving the beauty industry niche.

At the heart of both companies is the desire to assist women entrepreneurs to achieve their highest potential via the spa ownership. We know these women are deeply committed to improving and healing the self-worth of their community through spa treatments and their passion and purpose fuels us to achieve our own full potential.

Virtual Spa Business Management’s position is to provide spa owners a trusted and personalized service to outsource their social media, administration and strategic spa business management so they and their spa team can focus on what they do best - giving amazing spa services.


Your Role

  • This is a virtual, independent contractor position that will start with managing 1 project for 1 client at a time, with the option to grow into a full-time role.

  • Familiarly with organic social media marketing and engagement for Instagram and Facebook

  • You’re a creative thinker + love to apply that spark to digital media

  • You prefer to work with a team + develop within a positive company culture

  • You have an interest in the beauty and spa industry  

  • You can create simple digital graphics for email headers, social media posts and website offers  

  • You love keeping up-to-date with new and relevant social media features to share with the team + the clients

Your Specific Responsibilities Include

  • Maintaining strong communication among diverse virtual teams

  • Fastidious with attention to detail and are a stickler for staying on time (you will thrill my timely spa owners who run by the clock!)

  • Action out social media campaigns that help to achieve spa goals while using their brand voice

  • Research & choose creative visual content for each spa and schedule posts  

  • Post, monitor and engage organically for each spas social media accounts

  • Enter in month-end insights on the spas social media analytics that will be submitted to the client

  • Fastidious with attention to detail from color combos to client communication

Only Apply If

  • You have 1 + years of practical experience in digital marketing

  • You love to create feminine-styled digital marketing

  • You have a track record of creating tangible results

  • You have excellent English

  • You’re a tech-savvy bootstrapper who doesn’t ask “how” — you arm yourself with Google and online tutorials to figure it out and get it done

  • You are organized, can follow procedures, and can create procedures for client businesses as well as Virtual Spa Business Management

  • You can easily handle multiple tasks and clients simultaneously

  • You know how to use Google Drive and it’s suite of services (Google Docs, Sheets & Forms)

Definitely DON’T Apply If

  • You don’t thrive on systems, procedures, automations, and streamlining wherever possible

  • You’re someone who tends to take on too much and is not strong in time management

  • You’re someone who is trying to figure out their career direction and who is using this as a stepping stone

  • You’re someone who doesn’t know how to set boundaries or receive feedback


  • We’re a purposeful, supportive & happy team…and looking for a 1 year commitment!

  • This is a virtually based position. You must have the access to a comfortable home office, laptop, and STRONG internet connection.

  • Enormous potential for growth and a full time position

How to Apply

Send an email to Kirsten at kirsten@kirstenfoss.com with your CV + cover letter attached as Google Drive Docs with the subject line: Spa SMM Position.