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You've successfully purchased a Custom Fall Marketing Plan!


Here are your next steps to get the ball rolling for your Strategy Call...

1. Download your Marketing Plan Intake form, fill it out and email back to me 48 hrs prior to your Strategy Call. My email is

2. Book your Strategy Call

3. Before we meet, spend some time brainstorming a few promotional ideas that you'd like to explore at your Strategy Call. Write them down in your business notebook (if you don't have a business notebook for your spa initiative ideas, time to get one!) and bring it to the call.

4. We'll meet at your appointed time for your Strategy Call. Please minimize all distractions (internet, kids, clients, tasks) so you can show up with 100% focus.

NOTE: If you need to reschedule your Strategy Call, please give 24 hrs notice. 

If you need to connect, please email me at or call me at 250-516-3256.

See you at your Strategy Call!

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