Outsource your Spa fall marketing strategy. 
You've got enough to do this summer.

This summer, get a head start on your fall marketing so you can press GO September 1st!

Beat the traditional rapid drop of revenues that wreaks havoc on your cash flow and staffing, and instead look and feel like a rockstar leader because you’ve already mitigated the dreaded fall seasonal downturn.

Why Outsource Your Spa Fall Marketing NOW?

Because great strategies take time to create. But do you ever really give yourself enough time for your spa marketing strategy, though? Outsource your fall marketing strategy now so it's ready for September 1st.

Because you can ditch your Marketing Hat (you don't love it anyways) and outsource this project to someone for whom this is their strength! That way you can stay focused on what you do best - giving exceptional spa services and leading your team during a busy summer, and I’ll take developing your fall marketing strategy off your list of to-do’s.

Because it's essential you work smarter not harder. As a spa owner, you’ve go to make critical decisions about your time management. Why is this important? Because when you don't, you’re in stress mode; fight or flight, reactive brain vs. thinking brain. And when your anxiety and overwhelm is on overload, your clients (who are there for care, relaxation, & nurturing) are impacted by this experience, no matter how professional you attempt to be.

Because your spa marketing is done for you. For the cost of 2 facial clients per month this September, October, and November, you can stop worrying about how you’re going to come up with creative marketing solutions because it’s all been done FOR you! When you look at it from that perspective, outsourcing your fall marketing plan is a spa management no-brainer.

Because you’ll have more opportunities this summer for family and friends. No need to cut into personal time to create your fall marketing plan this year! Truth: it’s not necessary to become a workaholic to grow a successful spa business...you just have to be strategic about your priorities.

Because you’ll have a multi-platform spa marketing strategy to maximize your visibility this fall. Your Custom Fall Marketing Plan includes strategy and implementation steps for social media, website, email, in-spa advertising & conversations for September, October & November, mitigating traditionally slower times in the spa industry when you’re normally scrambling for more clients.

Because there’ll no guesswork to your fall spa marketing! Simply refer to your implementation document for your next steps! Every step of your new Fall Marketing Plan is organized in chronological order because you’ve got enough on your plate with running your spa.

Because you need tools & templates to support your sales growth. Your Fall Marketing Plan includes a monthly checklist of relevant conversation starters that are focused on your feature or promotion to leverage spa sales of clients already scheduled. And, you can use my done-for-you marketing format as a template for creating your own strategy next time (if you want, although all my previous Custom Marketing Plan clients keep renewing this service!)

 Outsource your fall marketing this year!

What do you get with the Custom Fall Marketing Plan?

Your Custom Fall Marketing Plan is an strategic package of coaching and implementation calls coupled with a physical working document you'll use to stay on track of your spa growth tactics for September, October and November. With this marketing package, you'll receive...

  1. 1 x 30 min Strategy Call to brainstorm your spas monthly features or promotions for September to November 2018
  2. 1 x 3-month Marketing Strategy & Implementation Document and includes for each month:
    1. A custom monthly feature or focus
    2. A monthly Marketing Message
    3. 2x/month email sequences - includes send dates, subject lines and talking points
    4. Website marketing recommendations
    5. Social Media posts - including a custom schedule, an image/quote/meme gallery plus a list of FB LIVE topics 
    6. In-Spa advertising recommendations
    7. A List of marketing Client Conversation Starters
  3. 1 x 30 min Implementation Call to walk you through your 3-month marketing strategy, so you’re ready to press GO!
  4. Facebook Messenger Support for any lingering questions you have about your Custom Fall Marketing Plan as you work through your implementation steps.

Custom Fall Marketing Plans

$597 CAD

Hold up...

Hate Writing Email Copy?

Take advantage of the Email Copywriting ADD-ON and I'll will write all six of your your emails for you!

Custom Fall Marketing Plan
+ Email Copywriting

Need a Payment plan?

$897 CAD

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How The Custom Fall Marketing Package Works

  1. Purchase your

    1. Fall Marketing Package HERE or

    2. Fall Marketing Package +Email Copy HERE or

    3. Fall Marketing Package + Email Copy (Payment Plan) HERE

  2. Book your 30-min Strategy Call with me. You'll be emailed my booking link immediately after payment.

  3. Complete your Fall Marketing Intake Form before our call. This intake gives me some important background info on your spa business and allows us to hit the ground running at your Strategy session.

  4. We meet for your Strategy Call, via Zoom, on your chosen date and we brainstorm ideas for creative featured services, retail promotions, launching new products or treatments, and a whole lot more!

  5. You get back to your regular work schedule and I create your 3-month Fall Marketing Plan and Implementation Steps over the next few weeks.  

  6. Once completed, I send your Fall Marketing Plan in a Word document via email for you to review for our Implementation Meeting.

    Note: For payment plan purchasers, your document will be emailed after your 2nd payment completes - 4 weeks after your initial payment. 

  7. Book your Implementation Call with me.

  8. During your Implementation Call, we meet for a final time via Zoom to go over your Fall Marketing Plan so you're 100% clear about your Action Steps and how the overall strategy is designed for your spa growth. You need both the hummingbird (close up) & eagle (big picture) views of your marketing to see how it all works together.

  9. Hate writing email copy? Feel free to unload that task to me too - writing copy that encourages your clients to take action is one of my super powers! Upgrade your Fall Marketing Plan to include your Email Copywriting and you’ll have one more task you that you’ll be able to say “DONE” to!

  10. Bonus: Have follow-up questions regarding your 3-month marketing plan? You’re welcome to connect with me on Facebook Messenger as needed while you work through your strategy.

Then Go enjoy your summer!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a limited number of spots available in my schedule for Custom Fall Marketing Package this summer. Don't procrastinate outsourcing your fall marketing or this task will be all up to you to create again this year. 


Next Steps?

Choose the package that best suits your needs and You'll receive your Booking link for your Marketing Strategy Call!

1. Custom Fall Marketing Plans

$597 CAD


2. Custom Fall Marketing Plan
+ Email Copywriting

$897 CAD


3. Custom Fall Marketing Plan
+ Email Copywriting (Payment Plan)

2 Payments of $450 CAD