Spa owner burnout recovery workshop

Working in the spa industry means you give a lot of yourself - emotionally, physically & energetically.

But with the added pressure of entrepreneurship and family, you may find yourself in full-on burnout mode where every task and personal interaction is depleting you and driving you closer to mental collapse.

If you’ve been struggling to grow your spa business and find yourself in this situation, you may be on a direct path (or there!) to burnout.

Burnout stalls your vision, passion, impact and earning potential.

The Cold Hard Truth? It’s not possible to work at your highest potential if your energy is depleted and stuck.


Are you on the road to spa business burnout?

  • You notice feelings of sadness, cynicism, detachment, and hopelessness as your predominant emotions regarding your work.

  • Self-doubt, anxiety, and stress are at an all-time high and you feel buried under a mountain of pressure.

  • Your inner critic is constantly reminding you that you STILL haven’t achieved most of the goals you made of yourself, perpetuating low self-worth as an entrepreneur.

  • Your introverted tendencies are in direct conflict with the need to be extroverted at work and drains your energy on a daily basis.

  • When it’s time to sit down to work your concentration is impaired, which leads to endless procrastion. To make matters worse, your ongoing forgetfulness is getting to be embarrassing.

It’s Not Surprising You’re Exhausted!

Spa professionals are in a unique position that cultivates unhealthy work habits…

  • We put a “mask” on with our clients to ensure their guest experience is all about them, but this mask is unbelievably depleting.

  • We become the “counselor” to our guests and team members. As a leader, it’s your job to be a stellar communicator & problem solver. These are fantastic qualities to have, but the dark side is that you’re often emotionally dumped on by clients and staff who don’t realize the implications it has for you and your ability to lead.

  • You’re juggling too many roles & responsibilities at work and at home. You may think you’re a great multi-tasker, but the reality is, it’s not multitasking when nothing gets completed.

  • There is a very real need for cash flow & clients (like a-sap) and the pressure to perform and earn is mentally breaking you with panic.

  • You haven’t shared any of this, even your partner, because you feel ashamed and think you should be able to handle “this stuff” better.

My friend…here’s the thing; the skills that got you here, won’t get you there.

You need a new set of leadership & life skills to support your next level of success.

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At the Burnout Recovery Workshop, you’ll find out…

  1. How to identify your “energy leaks” at the spa and at home so you’re clear which areas need priority healing.

  2. How to regulate energy from clients and staff so you aren’t sucked into the drama or need to wear an energy-depleting “mask”.

  3. How to disconnect from your Inner Critic so you can hear and be guided by your true feelings to work with purpose & joy.

  4. How to deal with setbacks when it seems like you’re on a roll so you’re not tempted to give up.

  5. How to release old belief systems, perfectionism and negative self-talk that are sabotaging your growth at every turn.

  6. How to manage social anxiety when you’re an introvert who needs to be extroverted at the spa so you don’t feel on edge all the time.

  7. How to create strong, healthy emotional and energetic boundaries at work & home so resentment doesn’t build.

Here’s how the Burnout Recovery Workshop works…

  • This is a 3 hour online & interactive workshop via Zoom video conferencing.

  • Find out what’s really happening to your earning potential (both consciously & subconsciously) when you’re in or nearing burnout mode and why it’s so hard to grow your business.

  • Dive into exercises to reveal personal insight about which areas of your business & life aren’t in alignment with your purpose and causing you more stress than you realize.

  • Discover practical steps to master your energy and emotions (including anxiety) when dealing with spa ownership, staff and clients.

  • Learn spa business tactics to implement that ease the stress & burden of spa ownership

  • Listen to real-life examples of spa owner burnout and advice regarding how situations with with staff, clients and the pressure to earn can be handled

  • Raise your hand during our Q&A to makes sense of your specific burnout struggles & what to do about them.

  • BONUS take-home “Light Bath Meditation” for ongoing support of your healing and energy management.

Monday, December 31st
10am - 12:30pm PT | 1pm - 3:30pm ET
Webinar Format

$47 USD

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Kirsten Foss

Spa Business & Leadership Coach

Kirsten is the founder of Kirsten Foss Coaching & Virtual Spa Business Management. Her approach to a spa management and business training is to organize and amplifies the earning potential of spa businesses by implementing operational and staffing systems, strengthening owner leadership skills and increasing their visibility with marketing based on values, education and connection.


Arne Pedersen

Hypnotherapist & Energy Management Master

Arne’s business, Awareness in Health, was derived from his own path of struggling with anxiety, low self-worth, and unresolved emotional traumas. Through his own healing and subsequent training, he uses Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindset Programs, Energy Healing and Energy Management to help people understand the root cause of their emotional and energetic blocks that are preventing them from reaching their full potential and how to clear them to lead a happy, purposeful and abundant life.