Who is Throttling Your Spa's Growth Potential?

It is officially the last day of 2018 and you have probably been thinking long and hard about your goals for 2019. While thinking of our goals, we often times start out dreaming big but somewhere along the line we usually look at these big dreams and consider them unattainable or unrealistic. At this point we start dialing back on our goals and change them to something that feels a little safer.

Why does this happen? Well, it happens because our subconscious mind and our ego is running the show. Our conscious minds are responsible for only 5% of our thoughts, leaving a majority of our mind up to the mercy of our subconscious. Our subconscious has a way of sneaking itself into our goal setting by making us feel like we aren’t good enough or that the reason previous spa goals or growth initiatives were not meant were your fault. This is your ego trying to keep you safe, but in the process it is also halting your growth potential.

It is time to really dig deep into yourself-your habits and your goals-to be in control of your own growth as well as the growth of your spa. Check out the video below to learn more!

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Ready to Quit Your Spa Business? Read This First!

Right now we are in a season where spa owners are often winding down from a very busy and stressful time of year. Sometimes we achieve a level of burnout that is so severe that we feel like it may be time to throw in the towel when it comes to your spa business.

The first thing I want you to know is that it’s OK to want to quit. It’s OK for your goals to shift and your path to change. However, the decision to sell your spa business, something you dreamed of and built, is not one to take lightly. It is also DEFINITELY not a decision to make while you are in a state of burnout. Before making any decisions when it comes to the future of your spa there are a few things you need to really think about.

1) Do you really want to sell your spa?

Seems like a simple question, but if you sat down and told me that you were ready to quit the spa industry and I answered with “Ok, I will help you with this process, let’s get started,” would you be ready to get started with the process? If the thought of actually going through the motions makes you uneasy, sad, or if you just don’t feel ready then you may need to hold off for a bit

2) Do you need more systems in place to help ease the workload of your spa?

Sometimes we are so out of sorts with the organization part of our spa that we feel like we are at the point of no return. In this case it is so easy to think that selling your spa is the only way to start fresh on a new path. This is false on so many levels. If you really take the time to sit down with a spa coach and build systems that will help automate your entire spa, is there really a need to sell? With the help of a spa coach you can take the next six months to a year to organize your spa business and be back on track. You also need to consider that if you actually do want to sell your spa, it will be way more valuable with systems in place. Please reach out and we can talk more about private coaching for your spa. .

3) What is your current mindset?

If you are completely depleted from the business of the past month or if you have been feeling off about your spa business for the past few months you may need some time to really clear your mind. Before you can make these huge decisions on the future of your spa you MUST be in the right mindset. I invite you to join The Burnout Recovery Workshop on December 31st, 10 am PT where we can really get to the root of what is causing your burnout and get you on the road to a better place where you are able to make important decisions about your spa!

Tune in to the video below to hear more from today’s Spa Business Break!

How to Create Your 2019 Spa Sales Goals

Typically I recommend that spa owners start working on their 2019 goals and plans in October/November so they can get a quick start in 2019. If you are still working on your spa’s sales goals, I have a few pointers for you!

Often times we get so excited about the fresh start for our spa in 2019 that when we are making our goals we fail to take into consideration the trends of the past year (or even years). If we start by taking a look at 2018 and really analyze the goals we had for 2018 versus what actually happened we can have a more realistic vision of what our 2019 should look like.

It also gives us a chance to really reflect and pick apart what worked for our spa and what did not work, as well as the WHY behind the failures and successes. This allows you to take note of the specific reasons an idea did not take off, or what about your efforts really resonated with your clients. This of course allows you to plan your new year based on incorporating more of what worked with your spa and less of what didn’t.

Here are 4 key reflective questions to ask yourself about 2018 when making goals for your spa in 2019!

  1. Did you have a focus?

  2. Was there something that happened in 2018 that was a game changer for you?

  3. Who was your best client?

  4. Did you do monthly profit/loss tracking?

Watch the video below for more insight into each of these questions and how you can use it to plan attainable goals for your spa’s 2019!

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Managing the Growth of Your Spa

When we are thinking in terms of growing our spas, there is no problem when it comes to coming up with ideas. We are great at coming up with creative and exciting ideas that we just can’t wait to get started on! The problem comes when we actually start to implement our ideas. We find that our ideas aren’t falling into place exactly as we envisioned, or they are just taking too long to take off. We may struggle when it comes to creating a strategy behind the idea, or we may find that we just have too many questions to move forward.

This halt in our spa’s growth strategies can leave us feeling deflated and discouraged. The truth is, the organization and the implementation of your ideas will most likely take way longer than you expect.

For 2019, I would love for you to start adding more time to focus on your initiatives. Going in with the expectation that new spa initiatives will take a bit of time will help keep you in the right mindset.

Check out the video below to learn more tips on setting expectations for the growth of your spa. I also talk about how to control the growth of your spa. When we are ready to speed up the growth of our spa there are changes that need to be made, and the same can be said for when we need to slow down the growth of our spa. Watch the video below to learn how this can be done!

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Avoid Spa Owner Burnout!

When you are a spa owner you are literally in the business of taking care of others. If you are a spa with a team then you are in the business of taking care of not only your clients, but your spa team as well! While we get used to putting on a happy face each day, sometimes behind the scenes we are experiencing serious burnout.

The Spa Industry doesn’t always like to talk about the burnout that can come with the long and demanding hours that come along with owning a spa. However, there is absolutely no shame in feeling like you have hit your limits.

When you are experiencing burnout, multiple things start happening. Your inner critic shows up in full force, having you believe that maybe you aren’t cut out to own a spa, or that you aren’t following through with things you said you were going to do. When you are experiencing spa burnout your inner critic is very, very persuasive.

Another key to this puzzle has to do with your expectations as a spa owner. Somewhere along the line we learn that owning a spa is tons and tons of moving pieces. It’s a lot more difficult than it seems, and WAY more time-consuming than it seems! When you start realizing what it REALLY takes to own and run a spa, you can start feeling bits of negativity creep in. This feeling of negativity is a real thing! It is called The Transition Curve.

One huge problem that comes about when you hit burnout is that you are not in a position to make tough decisions. You know changes need to be made to protect your spa business, but you cannot possibly make them while in a state of burnout!

Watch my video below as I talk about how your subconscious may be playing a role in your burnout and tips on how to protect your energy to avoid spa burnout as well as my upcoming pop up workshop on this very topic!

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Do You Have An Attitude Of Gratitude?

The holiday season is a time many of us typically start sharing the things we are grateful for. It is also typical that while we may share what we are grateful for, we never really dig deeper into gratitude and adopt it as an attitude, not just a list.

I decided to do a little research on the topic of gratitude and find out how a spa owner can use gratitude within their spa business. I actually found way more information than expected, and as it turns out having an attitude of gratitude can have a significant impact on our business!

As we get into the day to day of running our spa the attitude of gratitude we once had when we started our business fades away and the demands of our team and our clients feels like more of a burden than a gift. We may feel bothered instead of grateful. If we focus on adding a gracious attitude to our daily routines, our spa business can flourish!

Watch the video to learn more about how having an attitude of gratitude can impact your spa business!

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How To Exceed Your Spa's December Goals!

By now you probably have your December Spa Marketing Plan in place along with a goal for how much you hope your spa earns for the month of December. Today what I want to do is take a deeper look at those numbers to make a stretch goal for your spa and increase your December earnings even more!

The first step to increasing December earnings for your spa is to take a look back at your December earnings from 2017. Be sure to look at both your spa’s retail sales and your service sales so you can analyze the trends for your spa.

After you take a look at your numbers start playing around with them. Take out a calculator and see what it would look like if you would increase your sales goal by 10%. What about 20%?

At this point, many spa owners start feeling overwhelmed with the numbers. At times stretch goals can seem so outlandish that a spa owner starts shying away from these goals because they feel like they cannot attain them. However, I of course have a plan for you to help you see these numbers in a more realistic and manageable way. Watch the full video below to learn simple tips to help you exceed your spa’s December earning goal!

If you are consistently watching my videos and trying to implement my tips and are still feeling overwhelmed and unorganized with your spa systems, I urge you to reach out to talk more about the coaching services I offer!

Client Retention: 4 Easy Tips For Retaining Your Spa Clients

Last week I talked about honing in on a December marketing plan for your spa, and this week I am following it up by talking about client retention. Having a client retention system for your spa is the second piece to any marketing plan: Your first step is to attract the client, the second step is to keep them coming back for more. If you are finding that clients are not returning to your spa then you have a leaky client retention system and it needs to be fixed before you spend any more time and money on your spa’s marketing.

Today I have 4 easy tips to follow to help you the spa owner keep your spa clients coming back over and over again! The best part? You can start implementing these tips today! Be sure to watch the video below as I go into detail to talk more about each tip!

Here are my 4 tips for retaining your spa clients:

1) Go through your client experience from the eyes of a client. Start with the booking process and go the entire way through to the post-service follow up call. Note any areas that may need addressed (I talk in-depth about this tip in the video below)

2) Fix the problems! Before you start your big December marketing push, be sure to tighten up each step of your spa’s client experience to ensure your new December spa clients become lifelong clients!

3) Give them a reason to come back! Use drawings or bounce back coupons to ensure a repeat visit!

4) Finish off with a follow-up call to hear more about their experience with your spa or to see if they have any questions.

Check out the video below as I share tons of additional information on each of these 4 steps!

If you are finding that there are just too many holes in your client retention system and you need additional coaching or support to get yourself on the right track, please CONTACT ME so we can set up a call to talk more about your spa!

Review of The Beauty Business Summit

Last week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at The Beauty Business Summit that took place in the gorgeous Hawaii. Now that I have had time to catch up and reflect on all that took place, I wanted to give you all a thorough review of the summit!

This summit was such an incredible and unique experience. I am used to a conference style setting for spa related professional development where you and hundreds and hundreds of other attendees are shifted from conference room to conference room. This was different. It was an intimate experience that allowed you to actually have time to make rich connections with participating beauty and spa vendors, speakers, industry leaders, and fellow beauty business owners. I also appreciated that the speakers were there to give meaningful content and NOT to pitch a sale.

The attention to detail was another factor worth mentioning. From the second you entered the area, it was an experience. From the meals to the swag to the content that was shared, this was not your ordinary conference where speakers just touched upon the surface. We always talk about how important the client experience is for our spa businesses, and the Beauty Business Summit nailed it.

The last piece I wanted to touch on was the actual content that was presented at the summit. The information learned was such a great way to achieve personal development. If you are aiming to grow your business, you have to remember to develop personally as well as professionally, and this was quite the personal development experience.

Watch the video below as I talk more about the experience I had at the Beauty Business Summit! Next year’s summit will be held in Clearwater, Fl and tickets are already available! You can find more information HERE.