Why You Hate Marketing (& How to Change That)

Truth: the reason you hate marketing and wish you could either hired it out or avoid it all together is because you perceive it as self-promotion. 

And seeing as most spa owners have come up the entrepreneurial ranks as service providers (who would rather spend days quietly in a treatment room taking care of guests) it's not surprising owners in the spa industry have a keen dislike discussing how great their business is. 

And as a result, they never dive into learning how to market effectively. They may want to learn how to become a marketing maven, but when you have a mind-set that is silently screaming "Who are you to promote your spa?!? You sound like you're full of yourself." it's easy to talk yourself out of working on anything promotional. 

Sound familiar? 

Don't worry! There's an easy reframe if you suffer from Fear of Self-Promotion.

Instead of looking at marketing as "selling yourself", look at it as "being in service to your community". Share what you do and why you do it from a place of pure vida.

Doesn't that instantly feel better?

I have 4 tips for what you could be posting on Social Media (or email & in-spa marketing): 

  • Post tips - You have a noggin full of knowledge. Share FAQ's via images or video (video or Facebook Live is best) to create social proof you can be trusted.

  • Share relevant articles - By relevant I mean articles that support the services & retail you sell. But don't stop with ONLY hitting the share button. Include why you want followers to read/watch this content. Your opinion matters in a really big way! We're all short on time, and as a fan, I need to know why I should take the time to read this article.
  • Post behind-the-scenes pics or videos - prospective & existing guests LOVE it when you pull back the curtain on your business. Go ahead...share a silly photo of team members, a short video of staff trading services or what you're working on in your office. Transparency creates trust.
  • Show demos - Most spa services are given behind closed doors. Why not video a demo of a fancy facial, brow design, derma-planning, laser, wedding make up....the list is endless!

So now that you've got a new mindset and a few ideas that are completely NON-self-promotional, do you feel a little more apt to try marketing your spa with a fresh perspective?