What's the REAL Reason You Are Not Meeting Your Spa Goals?

Sabotage is an inside job, but sometimes when we are in the middle of it we don't realize its happening. We don't acknowledge it.

We all set goals at the beginning of the year and I can bet at this point mid way through you have not started yet or you have but are stuck somewhere in the middle. 

Why is that? The blanket statement I hear is "I don't have enough time". That, along with the stories we tell ourselves; too hard, clients are cheap, social media doesn't work, I am not good at this. 

The bottom line is you are stuck and as long as you are buying into the story you have told yourself about why you are stuck you won't budge. You are giving yourself permission to stop pushing. 

When you are not meeting your own expectations it leads to frustration, dependence on other people, and a huge lack of confidence. Which then spirals us into a really destructive negative feedback loop.

All of this feeds into our own drama story. And once we are entrenched in our drama story, we are at a stand off. 

Time to cut the bull shit. 

Here's how: